Car gun choices.

Car gun choices.

This is a discussion on Car gun choices. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been pondering this one for a while. I would like a revolver for my glove compartment and trying to decide if a 3 ...

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Thread: Car gun choices.

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    Car gun choices.

    I have been pondering this one for a while. I would like a revolver for my glove compartment and trying to decide if a 3 or 4 inch barrel would serve me better( from a ballistic and limited space standpoint). I believe it would be difficult to grab my edc due to the fact I am seated and there is a seatbelt to factor in. The nice thing about Kentucky is a gun in the glove compartment is not considered to be concealed. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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    The glove compartment is a long ways away when you are seatbelted in as well. If you need to get to something quick it's better to be on your person than in the glove box.
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    I'd seriously consider mounting a cheap paddle holster for your EDC on your center console, under the dashboard, etc... and moving your gun from your on-your-body holster to your car holster when you get in the car. Cheaper and probably more effective.

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    I keep a Smith Model 60 in my glove box, and a Seecamp in my pocket. Works for me.

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    I've been trying to figure out how to manage this myself.

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to follow Pete Zaria's suggestion and get a cheap Fobus/Uncle Mikes/Blackhawk holster to bolt to the center console in each of my cars to holster the P30 that's usually tucked into my waistband.

    It's that, or order a Mitch Rosen CCR (counter carjacking rig)

    The Counter Carjacking Rig™ is designed for the "working pro" who sits on surveillance for long periods of time or for the tactically aware driver who may need to access a handgun while seated behind the wheel. Our recommendation is to have your CCR™ in the glove box, and upon entering the vehicle, put it on and switch your weapon from whichever rig you might be wearing, such as an ARG™. This is a situation-specific cross-draw ONLY. Stitched sight rails plus dowel sight track.
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    In the car I always have my EDC, a Kimber Ultra, with me on my right side, IWB. If I think I might need to get to a firearm more quickly I simply bring my Harley 'EDC', a Glock-36, also along and slip it in between the console and driver's seat...still in the holster (ball cap on top)...provides a little quicker access to a firearm while restrained by a seatbelt. Drawing from a 'belted' car seat is not too bad if you have a few seconds of extra warning., hopefully...

    I have also considered purchasing the Fist #42 Driving to Crossdraw holster for longer trips or vacations...
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    I've been trying to come up with something myself. I also keep my S&W 60 in the glove box, or sometimes I clip my holster on the male end of the seat belt, but because I don't have a strap for it, in an accident it becomes a projectile.
    I also would like to mount a holster somewhere, but My car is not suited to securely mounting one, but I'm still working on it.

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    I use a cheap holster with my MK9 between the drivers and middle seat cushions placed by the seat belt release and throw a hand towel over it. That way I meet the concealed requirement and if I ever meet a car jacker he will expect the seat belt to be removed

    Stay safe,

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    This is good to know. I was under the assumption that you almost "had" to keep wearing your pistol when you drive. That is fairly uncomfortable for me, so I am glad to explore other options.

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    If I were to keep a 'car gun' while I was carrying like I normally do (one on me and one somewhere in the vehicle) it would mean a fairly cheap but dependable pistol that would ultimately be left in the vehicle when I make a landing and go exploring as I've made no S.O.P. for toting both. I'd have a P89 for my CG. For now the car gun (CG) is the one that's on me. Having a dedicated car gun would be a BUG I guess. Heck---I've got to get in the habit of carrying a spare mag for my primary first.

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    Like others have said. I would not recommend a gun in the glove box. Most likely to get stolen if the car was broken into.

    I carry my handguns on me for short trips. For longer trips, I use an Ace Car Holster that you can find at in the products section. It uses a 3M Velcro pad and Velcro soft holster with a hold down strap made with two Velcro tabs that you pull the gun through. The Velcro is very secure and surprisingly easy to use. You can also get additional pad and place them anywhere so you can have it on the bed side or anywhere else.

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