Hey gang,
Went to the range yesterday. Brought my XD 9mm sc , which is my current carry and a Buckmark 22.
Why the 22 ? Well the cost of ammo is getting crazy and I figured to save some money.
Haven't shot the 22 in awhile. I put up a standard target at 25 yards. Out of a possible 250 score my best was 245.
Couldn't do that with my XD !!!!
It got me to thinking (which is dangerous) by shooting the 22 , I had to concentrate on trigger pull, hold on front sight, and grip.
Kinda back to basics stuff. Really was good for me to remember all the things that should be done..... in order to shoot straight.
With my XD I did my usual drill 15 yards etc... all the way down to 7 feet point where I did the hip rockim drills on a 8x 11 inch paper.
I only get to do double taps, the range doesn't like rapid fire.
After shooting the 22, I found that I was shooting the XD better.
Think its was cause I had to focus when I shot the 22.
Also, I still dont like the sights on the XD but really never looked at them when I was doing the doubles. It was more point ... shoot....
back of gun at just under eye level ......
never saw the front sight.
Anyway... I think I'm going to shoot that 22 some more.
take care