The gun you want back in your collection again...

The gun you want back in your collection again...

This is a discussion on The gun you want back in your collection again... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was thinking the other day about all the gun's I've sold, either to buy another gun, or just because something did not work for ...

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Thread: The gun you want back in your collection again...

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    The gun you want back in your collection again...

    I was thinking the other day about all the gun's I've sold, either to buy another gun, or just because something did not work for me at that time. Have you thought about about "Which gun do you wish you still had in your collection?"

    I really wish I still had my first SIG... the P220 Two-Tone. It was a great full size .45ACP. Personally a little big for a carry gun, but it was a lot of fun to shoot. I never had one FTF or FTE, and I shoot it very well.
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    Had a Browning HP with adjustable sights that I bought in 77 when I got my first job working in a coal mine in Powhatten Point Oh. Beautiful gun that I sold to purchase my first Harley. Kicked myself hard in the arse for years. Lucked out a few months ago and found the same model and year never fired and in pristine condition. Forked out $600.00 and am one HAPPY guy. Have since added a C&S thumb safety for more positive engagement and leaving it at that. Was thinking on swapping over it to as my carry gun versus my SA Champion but it's just too pretty to put it through the ringer.

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    Colt Diamondback .38

    In 1968 I bought a new Colt Diamondback .38 at a Virginia gun store for about $100. It was a thing of beauty, with a blue job like a Python and walnut grips. About 1985 it disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and I was never able to track it down.

    Recently I have thought about replacing it with another, but they have gone up in price to about $800 and I can't yet bring myself to pay that much for one. I still remember the 1968 price. Here is what it looked like (photo from Internet, not my gun):

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    Unhappy Well...............

    There was a Colt custom shop nickel Python in a Presentation case,and then there was,no it is to painful to even think about............
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    both of my colt pythons,a 4" blued wood grips for $350.00 used in 1984 and a new 6" stainless steel with black rubber grips purchased new in 1982 for $671.00 plus tax,I been looking but 1000 to 1200 fer a python is a little steep
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    I miss my Interarms Walther PPK/S

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    Springfield XD9 4" Service. The cost of .45 ACP is really reinforcing my regret at trading it in.
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    Sig 229 SAS.

    It was the gun I bought to carry when I took my concealed course. I bought a Safariland OWB holster and that gun stuck out about 16 feet from my body (just a little exageration) The gun was SO nice but I sold it because it shot great but didnt conceal well. I knew guns but I didn't know about holsters or concealment.

    It's a pitty because I could now conceal very well. Alas it's gone.
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    Winchester 30WCF (now called 30-30) stock carved and painted, metal engraved Ser #12xxx, I gave it to my brother to keep safe for me and he traded it for a leaky boat.

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    There would be two in particular. Both were from IMI. First was a Desert Eagle 44 mag, second is a UZI 9mm carbine. Neither were for concealed carry but both were awsome weapons.
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    This is going to be painful but here goes. M1 Garand (brand new govt surplus); Colt 1911 sent to England as lend lease, got british proof marks and reterned after WW11; Broom Handle Mauser; Winchester 73 in 44-40: Matched set of Remington .41 rimfire Derringers and assorted other guns.
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    S&W 610 4" (10mm/.40s&w) and UZI Model A (9mm) carbine.
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    I had an absloutley pristine Jap Arisaka 7.7 complete with aircraft sights,Crysanthemum and all numbers matched...before I collected Milsurps.

    Too be honest, I really didnt know what I had. It was a battlefield pickup from Saipan, and I bought it from a guy that needed money for 25 bucks.

    I later sold it for 40, thinking I had made a great deal. That was about 20 years ago.

    Today, the same gun would easily fetch 1000-1200 bucks in that condition.
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    "Which gun do you wish you still had in your collection?"

    That's easy:

    S&W 686 customized in to an "Ayoob/Canon Street L"


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    My Dan Wesson 357 Magnum 6", Vent Rib and Barrel Shroud ("Vent Heavy"), with a beautiful Zebra-wood grip. Bought it from a friend, maybe 20 years ago, and sold it recently to help fund my purchase of one of my current guns. Now I wish I'd kept it. Might not have ever fired it again (haven't in past 15 years or so), but it was one of those beauties that you're just proud to own. Nuts!

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