Just finished my XD 45 so I thought I would share.

$550 desert XD45 - with shipping and Transfer fees.
$250 Precision Engineering - trigger job, mount sights, smooth trigger face, plus add another $80 shipping there and back.
$100 4 extra 13 rd. mags w/ compact extensions
$ 85 Meprolight night sights
$ 35 Big Button Mag release from XD guys
$ 43 Extended Mag release from XD guys
you do the math. Needless to say I got alot invested.

This is my 08 winter gun, due to replace my 1911 and my snubnose .45 long colt revolver this coming winter. I expected alot from this gun when I finished it. Unfortunitly MY skills are not equal to the gun just yet. Being a 1911 guy I thought a trigger job would fix the issue. NOPE. Its just me and 35 years of shooting my old Combat Commander I guess. That XD trigger takes some getting used to. I still cannot perform my hostage shot with any consistancy. But I have too upgrade, I need the capacity and the light rail. The night sights work better than my eyes and there is my issue. I can see the front sight but the rear's kind of fuzz out pretty bad. But that is indoors. when I took the Front Sight 4 day handgun course I had forgotten what a joy it is to shoot outdoors, big differance for these old eyes. After removing the trigger safety the trigger job feels alot better in that I am not distracted by that clanky do-hicky in the middle of my trigger, bah I got a grip safety anyways.

What I really notice tho' is the slide release and the mag release, I cant say enough about them. I took my SIG to Front sight as I just got the XD back from Precision the day I left and I did not have 1000 rounds of .45 laying aroung to take the course with it. The SIGs dainty little mag release and slide release cost me time in the speed drills so I was very bummed I did not even come close to distinguished shooter. So after putting these on the XD and doing the drills it was amazing. The slide release is @ 2X as long and 3 X thicker and makes the slide lock drills a snap. And that mag release for those tactical and emergency reloads are now painless. Dont get me wrong I love my lil' SIG P6 but it just did not cut the mustard like the XD in the drills. Some may say drills so what. In a gunfight you have 2 adversaries - the other shooter and the clock. You have to be able to kill him first and kill him fast to survive a gunfight. Practice with a timer. If your gun jams in the middle of a fight you better be able to clear it and clear it fast and extended controls could very easily save your life. They do not mean that much punching paper, but in a gunfight a missed magazine reload could cost you your life.
Sorry for my crappy camera and my lousy photo skills .. but who cares.. I am not a photographer anyways, I shoot guns not pictures.