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Small .380's Too Small?

This is a discussion on Small .380's Too Small? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You carry a P3AT because it is the smallest and lightest thing available with that level of power. There is no such thing as a ...

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Thread: Small .380's Too Small?

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    You carry a P3AT because it is the smallest and lightest thing available with that level of power. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and the P 3AT will not last as long as a big, heavy gun. However, I don't worry about this: KelTek gives you a lifetime warrenty, and they are really, really good about supporting their products.

    Given the price of .380 ammo, it would never be a wise choice for a range gun, but it is very handy when things get ugly. You make your choice and you pay your money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CR2008 View Post
    And I am sure they have a reasonable explanation for this, why should they send their officers out there that's less effective than a .380 or 38special?

    A round like the .32 looks like it could possibly work for a headshots (if perpendicular and not an angle) and the neck area (less flesh to penetrate). I can't imagine that round doing much in the torso because the ribs will certainly slow or stop the round.... and the .25ACP can't even penetrate the human skull at times, there are reports of this round literally BOUNCING OFF OF the skull, and some people got hit multiple times in the face, and they were walking around as if they got slapped... Now why would a police department issue something on that level?
    The dept. wouldn't issue something like that, my two duty weapons have been a Sig in .40 and the G21. I was commenting on the off-duty weapon restrictions.IMO, the weapon you carry is better than the one you dont. A lot of officers in my dept. don't carry off-duty(not required). Not my choice after I was involved in a off-duty situation when I was out sick with strep throat. After that, I will at least have a pair of cuffs with me, if not a weapon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I guess I'm odd man out, I prefer the .32 in a mouse gun. I see no reason to go with a 380, and if I want to step up it will be to a 9mm. You can get a 9mm in pretty much the same size package as the 380's anyway.
    Nothing wrong with the .32. But the only 9mm near the same size as the P3AT, that I'm aware of is the Rohrbaugh at $1,000. They still have issues even at that price point.
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    My Ruger LCP now has 400 flawless rounds through her. Hope I didn't wear her out! Naw, she looks brand new. I did invest in a very nice rear pocket holster. I find it much more functional than front pocket carry, especially with the very thin LCP. I ordered a left-handed version in case my right hand is busy or hurt.
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    +1 on the old school solution:

    YMMV one hell of a lot,

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    I'm approaching 2000 rounds through my first generation P3AT. Its just the funnest little rascal to shoot. I did all the mods shown on KT range to improve it. Not sure if second generations needs those done. I'm the kind of guy that has to mess with stuff to see why it works. I sent my 3AT back to KT and they put a new barrel extractor and firing pin in it for free. I think I've almost got my $220.00 out of this pistol.

    That said, I've got a bad hankerin for a LCP, because....well.....I don't have one. And as long as my wife's not around, thats reason enough.

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