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Kel-Tec anybody?

This is a discussion on Kel-Tec anybody? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by ron8903 That was my story from cop stories thread. I knew I heard it on here I just can't remember who posts ...

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Thread: Kel-Tec anybody?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ron8903 View Post
    That was my story from cop stories thread.
    I knew I heard it on here I just can't remember who posts what but it was hilarious,thanks for sharing it
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    from a ladies point of view...

    My husband carries a kel-tec, in a hign noon IWB and it totally disappears. Liking how light and slim it was, I tried it out once, and loved it! Even in a pair of non belted capri's that lack a firm waist, it didn't pull them down. My shirt was a little tighter as well, and absolutely no printing! Definitely a shirt I can't wear when carrying my xd. I barely noticed it was there...unlike my xd9sc!

    I've never used a smart carry, so I can't comment on that. Just make sure while that is the right set up for you, it needs to be the right set up for her.

    I second the other posters recommending trying out the gun too! However, what I think would work best is getting the gun that is easier to conceal. No matter how easy or fun it is to shoot, if she can't conceal it, or it's really uncomfortable, she'll probably not carry it. If she's not handling it well, or it's not easy for her to shoot at first, she'll HAVE to practice, but just mix it up with a fun .22 to shoot. That way it's not drudgery learning to handle handguns. I think in the end, she'll end up with an easy concealing gun, that she can accurately shoot.

    I wish I would have gotten something a little less bulky, even if it wasn't as fun to shoot. I carry it more than I shoot it. It is a temptation to snag my husbands gun everyday instead of mine since is sooo much lighter and easier to conceal! Good luck to both of you!
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    I love my PF9 too. It is what I carry most of the time. I'd rather carry my G23 but sometimes it's just too big. I have found that a Passport ankle rig works great for me. I have a Smart Carry also but I don't like it as much. It bulges when I sit and it would be almost impossible to draw while sitting in a car. Also I worry about the damage that thing would do if I were ever involved in a car crash. I know it should be placed below the seat belt, but who knows what position it will be in during a crash. Back to the PF9, it's a great little weapon for SD.
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    If you have the money - Rohrbaugh or a Seecamp 380, or wait for the Kahr P380. The PF is nice, if you get a good one, but not all that small. Yes it's thin, but boderline in overall size for pocket carry. My PF had some problems, so it's still in the doghouse until it proves itself.

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    But you get 9mm over 380. Yes you can get many 380s that are smaller - but if you can have a 9mm that is almost as easy to carry/conceal - then why not? Plus it fits the hands better than one of those tiny 380s.

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    I have PF9s and p3at. All have been reliable. Found if I dress right I can always pocket carry PF9. If the 380 gets carried it's as a BUG. After chronographing and wet pack testing bunches of jhps in 380 and 9mm, I came to conclusion if I ever got into "bad situation" I wanted at least a 9.

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