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Carrying a comped (ported) pistol for defensive purposes...

This is a discussion on Carrying a comped (ported) pistol for defensive purposes... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by ppkheat I had a thread back in October titled "nighttime photo of ported 1911". It included a picture we made of a ...

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Thread: Carrying a comped (ported) pistol for defensive purposes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppkheat View Post
    I had a thread back in October titled "nighttime photo of ported 1911". It included a picture we made of a SA Longslide V-16 fired at night. No special camera used, it was just a matter of getting the timing right. It took about 10-15 attempts to catch the fire at just the right time.

    I've been meaning to try this again at night with an eye chart nearby and I'd read the chart before I fired, then read it after I fired and just see how much I was affected. I've been swamped with too many projects and haven't gotten around to it.

    I tried to get fancy and put the link to my old thread and photo here and can't figure out how to do it, (sorry) but you can do a search.
    Here you go:

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    I have a ported .40 S&W 99C. Had I known what I know now before I sent it off to Magnaport, I'd have not done it.

    They did a great job. It is beautifully done. I enjoy the weapon at the range.

    The benefit of the ports is so marginal in terms of recoil that I think it is outweighed by the disadvantages.

    I have not shot it from retention, but it is easy to see how that would create a problem if the gun was really pulled in tight against the hip or chest.

    I do not think flash is going to be any issue at all, so my main concern is shooting from retention. The way it is ported, the flash is off to the sides and not in the center field of vision.

    I do not generally use it for carry, and one of these days I am going to sell it and get an XD9 SC or another 9 mm.

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    Any advantages (recoil) of a ported or comped pistol is minimal at best with any of the service calibers like the 9mm, .40, .45, etc. IMHO. I think a real noticeable difference would be felt in the large caliber magnum revolvers like the .41, .44, .454 Casull, .500 S&W etc., there you would also not have the gun so close to your body or likely to be firing it at night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatGonzo View Post
    Eighteen years of traditional, old-school law enforcement thinking tells me that a comped pistol/revolver is a bad idea for duty/off-duty carry.
    I would agree. Not only is it going to mess up your night-vision but if you fire from retention, you aren't going to be a happy camper.
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    My Taurus 85 is ported, and while it's a great gun to shoot. I do get the normal powder and other fun stuff in my face everyonce in a while. So, yes your theory is correct.
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    Personally i would not carry a " ported " gun for self defense . Now take that for what it is worth as i have carried a couple of " carery comp " 1911s . Frankly to me anything that directs burning gasses into the lign of sight ( to include above the sight line ) is most likely costing more than it benifits for a SD application .
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    Thanks for the input, all. I'm a Firearms Instructor with my agency and this question recently came up at a range session. The opinions expressed here are pretty much in line with the responses that we (the senior firearms instructors) gave to our shooters.
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    Well, for a revolver if I felt that I had to have it ported then Mag-Na-Port would be the only barrel porting system I would go with since their porting system is EDM engineered to redirect the gasses in a suitable direction.
    Don't expect more than a 10 or 15% max reduction in felt recoil though and slightly less physical muzzle rise.

    For a 1911 pattern pistol I would just skip the porting and go with a heavy Tungsten guide rod and Tungsten "recoil spring plug" (available from Brownell's) which will add about 4 ounces of dead weight out front...and that would decrease shot to shot recovery time and offer a bit less muzzle rise with none of the drawbacks of ports.
    Just my personal opinion on handgun porting.

    I am personally not too keen on guide rods (in general) but, a one piece heavy Tungsten guide rod would be one that actually serves some useful purpose.
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