New guy, need gun advice

This is a discussion on New guy, need gun advice within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; hey i just got my chl i have a p85 but would like somthing smaller to carry dosen't really have to be auto but prefer ...

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Thread: New guy, need gun advice

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    New guy, need gun advice

    hey i just got my chl i have a p85 but would like somthing smaller to carry dosen't really have to be auto but prefer with holster, im looking at 600 bucks im on a budget any suggestions ps i ride a motorcycle, to work or my truck. i work at a high school so gun will need to stay in what ever im driving that day , any pic's of what you think might work at that price. thanks tommy

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    Springfield XD, Glock, Kahr (probably hav eto go used on your budget) S&W M&P there are a bunch. Do you know of a range that rents guns? If so, I highly recommend you try as many as possible in your price range.
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    Welcoem ot the group plenty of help for you here.

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    Welcome, after that please post to the auto forum . and btw kudos on your avitar since ken was my cosun .
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    There are a lot of good guns for under $600... you have not really given a caliber preference, but if you want to shoot a while without breaking the bank I would stay with the 9mm. I'm not sure if storing a handgun on a motorcycle is wise, but if you have thought this part through and have a storage option than go for it.

    My recommendation to consider and shoot for yourself. First would be the Glock 26... it is a subcompact, 9mm, and it's under $600...

    Second would be the Glock 19 is always a good option... it's a compact, 9mm and again under $600...

    Here is a recent picture of both my Glock 26 (left) and 19 (right):
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    I'll agree with Fatboy. I ride and I have the G26 and G19, too. (Must be a biker thing.) It's always the G26 when I ride, very comfortable IWB at 4 o'clock. I ride a dresser so if I need to leave it in the bike, I can lock it up.

    But, since your funds are limited, I would like to recommend a KelTec P-11 9mm. This is still a small and compact weapon for easy concealment. Quite a bit cheaper than the Glocks so that will leave you some left over cash for a good holster and some ammo for practice.

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    $600 budget, that's not bad ... you have a lot to select from. Visit the next gun show after you spend sometime at your local range shooting what you think you may want. Kinda try before you buy. Good luck.
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    2nd for the XD! of course, the compact versions are easier to conceal than my Service model...

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    Welcome from VA!

    Don't overlook J-frame revolvers like the 642 and 442.

    As noted, lots of autos in that price range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    Welcome from VA!

    Don't overlook J-frame revolvers like the 642 and 442.

    As noted, lots of autos in that price range.
    +1. I like the Taurus 85 as well.
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    For storage in your truck while in school, I'd recommend a COM safe connected to the under seat hardware. I have 2 mediums keyed alike.

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    +1 on the J Frame SW revolvers. I'm partial to the SW 442.

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    I'm partial to S&W's too, yet if you get the chance, check out a Seacamp, .380 with hollow points.

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    I have an XD40SC and Conceals vary well!! it is 1/4" longer than a G26/27.

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    Look at the SIG 229/239 ...but you can't go wrong with the suggestions from above. Go out and try a few rental guns and see what feels good to you.

    I might also recommend getting some training...
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    keltec P3AT about $250 NIB tiny pocket gun in .380 6+1 capacity
    Keltec PF-9 about $280 NIB not quite as tiny but very easy to conceal very slim

    so for less than $600 you have a no excuse not to carry gun (P3AT) and a gun that is easily carried with a little thought towards carrying. So if you wanted you can have a "real" caliber (9mm) and a BUG for less than your budget max.

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