Glock 34 Reliability Issues

This is a discussion on Glock 34 Reliability Issues within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone know if the reliability is affected on Glock 34/35s due to the cut out on the top of the slide? I know its ...

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Thread: Glock 34 Reliability Issues

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    Glock 34 Reliability Issues

    Does anyone know if the reliability is affected on Glock 34/35s due to the cut out on the top of the slide?
    I know its to help with better balance of the gun but wouldnt the hole allow dirt and debris to get into the space between the barrel and slide and interfere with the guns cycling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bal_g23 View Post
    wouldnt the hole allow dirt and debris to get into the space between the barrel and slide and interfere with the guns cycling?
    Yes, but if you shoot it regularly and clean it after every trip to the range, I'm sure you will not have an issue. My 23c is an excellent gun, but I have not noticed any increase in dirt or lint. Clean the holes just as well as any other part of your gun when you are cleaning it.

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    I shoot my G34 and Carry it sometimes. I have never had any malfunction issues in a few thousand rounds. I also have a older 3rd generation 2 pin Glock 34 like the one in your picture (which I had never heard of until I ended up with one). I Think it actually balances better then my G 17.
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    I know its to help with better balance of the gun but wouldnt the hole allow dirt and debris to get into the space between the barrel and slide and interfere with the guns cycling?

    Sure the cuts will allow more dirt and debris access. The 34 isn't a carry gun, it's made to shoot more accurately with the longer sight radius, and as such it's use is not one of carry generally, but of range duty or competition.

    In either of those scenarios, you'd have to be dropping the gun in the dirt to even possibly affect it's normal reliability, not something that happens too often even in those arenas.

    It's a non issue unless you are going to carry it for SD, and even then, it's not something I'd give second thoughts to unless I did drop it.

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    I've had a Glock 35 for years and carried it in all kinds of conditions; rain, snow, in the is as reliable as the day is long. Goes BANG every time. Great choice in a pistol.

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    I have used mine to compete with exclusively, which doesn't mean that I would not hesitate to carry the gun. It is flawlessly reliable, the only problem I had with it was at the annual Glock match when the center steel block that holds the internal parts together broke in half and locked up the gun.

    It took Chris Edwards and an armorer about an hour to get the gun apart. After profuse apologies, Chris gave me a couple of boxes of ammo for my trouble and I went back to shooting.
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    Dear God! I have never thought of Glocks as really ugly guns, not pretty by any means, but that there Glock 34 is about the ugliest gun I have ever seen
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    There's not a whole lot you can do to intentionally make a Glock malfunction. It's not a match tolerance pistol but gives the same as match results if the user does their part. Clean as any other Glock pistol and maintain. Nothing extra to do with that G34---really. If you're really worried about it and loosing sleep, trade it in for a non-comp model.

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    Glocks are ugly but they shoot. I know someone who has the G34 comp model and he has thousands of rounds without failure.
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    The 34/35 are really popular competition guns. I think all of the Glock factory shooters use them. I have wanted one for a home defense gun due to the longer sight radius and better balance. I would just install a heavier trigger spring to bring it up to the 5-8 lb range. They come factory with the 3 lb connector. They are a pretty sweet gun over all.
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