Purchasing a new gun based on condition status

Purchasing a new gun based on condition status

This is a discussion on Purchasing a new gun based on condition status within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've become rather fond of safetyless guns (I lump anything that doesn't have a manual safety in here, Keltec's, Glocks, XD's, etc). I like not ...

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Thread: Purchasing a new gun based on condition status

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    Purchasing a new gun based on condition status

    I've become rather fond of safetyless guns (I lump anything that doesn't have a manual safety in here, Keltec's, Glocks, XD's, etc). I like not having to fuss with a safety when fractions of a second count and I also like not having a feature I don't use on my gun. But I'm looking for something new to get. Right now I have an XD and love it, but my wife is looking for something a bit bigger than her P3AT (so I'm doing my part my asking for advice on here).

    So here is what I've got:
    1911 style - From what I understand you need to have that safety engaged but it's rather ergonomical to disengage when drawing.
    DA/SA style - From what I've gathered it seems that most decock the gun and do not engage the safety. This is very similar to our prefered method (safetyless) but I don't like having something that you don't use and that can accidentally get engaged when you least need it too.
    Safetyless - What we've got now. Just aren't enough out there that really cover the specifics of what she needs.

    So what are thoughts on these different methods of carry? I've heard of people carrying a 1911 cocked and not locked, but I've also heard that they lack some internal safety to prevent the gun from firing if dropped (or something along those lines, basically there is a reason to carry cocked and locked).

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    VtCO, nobody in their right mind would carry a 1911 cocked without the safety engaged. The trigger has no take up and is much lighter than the XD or Glock or any other safety-less SA. As far as dropping a 1911, some have internal firing pin blocks to prevent it from firing if it is dropped, some do not. It depends on the model and series. But the main reason why people carry it with the safety engaged is because the trigger is so light with minimal take up.

    I love my 1911's and they have actually taken the place of my XD for carry. Disengaging the safety is part of the draw. Yes, you have to train. Yes, you have to develop the muscle memory, but to me it's worth it.

    As far as the DA/SA, I personally don't care for them due to the difference in trigger pulls from the initial firing to subsequent firing. Some people swear by them. For me, it's enough work to learn the trigger pull per gun once. Having to learn 2 trigger pulls for my carry gun seems overly-complicated to me.

    If you are intent upon no safeties, how about the XD9 SC? or one of the compact Glocks?

    The 1911 is a wonderful carry weapon...Or at least people have thought so for about a 100 years or so. But I implore you, DO NOT carry a 1911 w/out the safety engaged. That's kinda like carrying a Glock without a holster. Yeah, you can get away with it, for awhile, but eventually it is going to catch up with you.
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    Look at (google) the HK P7 if you're interested in 9mm.

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    Here's what she's looking for in general. Preferably .40 S&W & narrow grip (small hands) so probably single stack, 4" or less barrel for concealability. And of course as few things to get in the way of firing after drawing as possible. Plus relatively cheap. We pretty much poor.

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    Check out one of the Kahr 40's. I just got a CW9 and I really like it so far. No safeties, just a nice smooth double action trigger. They are single stack and can be had in several different sizes. Their metal frame versions are nice but kinda pricey for me so I went with the polymer frame CW version.

    Check them out:
    Kahr Arms / .40 S&W Models

    I also agree with Kerbouchard. I wouldn't EVER carry a 1911 cocked and not locked!

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    I was going to say - look into Kahr and glock. The Glock 23 is real nice. .40s&w. I enjoyed that gun.

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    Glock 23

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    I second everything Kerbouchard stated concerning 1911's. They are just as fast with practice into action as your XD. I also like the fact that if someone is trying to grab my gun most folks these days don't think about the manual safety giving me time to regain control of it. Has your wife shot a .40? I have and prefer the slower recoil of the .45 over it. They're a snappy round like the .357 SIG and I've seen alot of LEO's who shot great with the SIG 226 in 9mm shoot downright crappy due to jerkin the trigger with the .357. JMO
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    Take a look at the S&W M&P 9 compact...with changeable palm swells for different size hands. Great gun. Shoots well. Feels great. No safety. 6.5 lbs on the trigger.
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    If you want to check out something single stack with double-action-only and no safety, check out the Kahr K40. It's a 3.5" barrel and the magazine holds 6, +1 in the chamber of course.

    I have the P40 which is the plastic version, and it has quite the recoil. I wouldn't recommend it for a female shooter unless she is highly experienced and can handle it well. I'm even thinking of changing to a 9mm myself, more capactiy and much easier to run fast.

    The K40 might be a big better in the recoil department as teh frame is all SS.

    Otherwise, the Glock 23 is a nice one, just fat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VtCO View Post
    Right now I have an XD and love it, but my wife is looking for something a bit bigger than her P3AT (so I'm doing my part my asking for advice on here).
    Are you happy with Kel-Tec? If so how about the PF-9....it's only a bit bigger than her current P3AT and it comes in 9mm. Or what about a Kahr...more money but I've heard very few negatives regarding them...many people swear by them

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    SIG 239. Can get as DA/SA or DAK trigger. The SAS model is an awesome gun ! All Sigs are known to be tack drivers also.
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    I have two EDC's...my Kimber Ultra is my EDC for 90% of the time...my Glock-36 is my Harley carry.

    I have drawn my Kimber so many times, that I don't even think about the safety...when the Ultra exits the holster, the safety comes off (without thinking about it). I would NEVER carry my Kimber WITH the safety off!

    With my Glock, I have to always think about clearing shirts, fingers, etc. from the trigger area when reholstering...

    I trust both guns, but I understand the safety issues of each (as well as the basic 'four rules')...

    Stay armed...develop muscle memory...stay safe!

    Regardless of WHAT you carry...safety off/on...manual safety/trigger safety...it's the FINGER...keep it off the trigger...get that worked into your muscle memory...you'll be good to go!
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    Quote Originally Posted by youngda9 View Post
    SIG 239. Can get as DA/SA or DAK trigger. The SAS model is an awesome gun ! All Sigs are known to be tack drivers also.
    +1 on the SIG!
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