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This is a discussion on FTRTB in Glock 27... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I guess my experience differs in that I had just shot about 800 rounds from my Kahr P40, and suddenly started using the G27 which ...

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Thread: FTRTB in Glock 27...

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    I guess my experience differs in that I had just shot about 800 rounds from my Kahr P40, and suddenly started using the G27 which was much easier to shoot. I'm watching video of myself shooting a G22 that same day with almost no muzzle flip whatsoever. Seems though, that the G27 ran easier than the 22.

    Could have been your technique I guess, never thought of it like that (different style shooting 1911??)

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    im thinking its your mag. ive yet to have a single issue with my g27. its my primary carry in a long list of guns
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slabsides45 View Post
    Okay, so I'm a spoiled 1911 owner who recently got a Glock 27 deal. Got the pistol, one extended mag, and a box o' shells (JHP's) for $350.00, left thinking I'd robbed them.

    Went to the range to shoot my 1911, and so, what the hey, took my G27 in and shot it as well. The first 3 shots in a row, and like 7 of the first 15 rounds, experienced a failure to return to battery. Bummed is not the word...

    Now, being that I shoot 1911's, I'm usually very aware of limp-wristing it, but I thought that Glocks had a rep for going bang regardless. Still, another guy on the range was making small talk, and I mentioned to him that it just wasn't working well. He told me the G27 requires a REALLY stiff grip because it's so short, and that if I'd use both hands and bear down, it'd do fine. I tried it again, and shot the rest without incident, so maybe he's right.

    Thing is, I'm like 6'5" and 260 (going down, thanks for asking), and don't consider myself to be a weakling. I can one hand my 1911's without issue, and am wondering if something else might be up. Can the springs be shot in it? No way to know how many rounds went through it so far...

    All input is now solicited!
    I have just discovered the same issue on a new G27. I have just 450 rounds through it and am very frustrated.
    I checked the mags, not the problem.
    I have fired other G27's with no issue and regularly shoot a G23 (as well as a 1911) with no wrist issues (lefty, righty, one handed...).

    Does anyone have a definitive answer on the issue with new G27's with regard to this?

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    My G30 had an episode of the same thing. Turned out the extraction grooves on the "factory loaded" cases were not to specified .45 ACP dimensions and were hanging on the extractor. Tossed the empties and all cases since have fed fine. So much for factory ammo being more reliable than my home brews.
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