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This is a discussion on Walther PPS revisited within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by LAFLA Thanks to all for the input. Adam500, B&H is only 50 miles from me so will probably head out there this ...

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Thread: Walther PPS revisited

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAFLA View Post
    Thanks to all for the input.

    Adam500, B&H is only 50 miles from me so will probably head out there this weekend - appreciate the heads up.
    Before you head over there just call and make sure they still have it in stock they do sell a bunch of guns. There is also an indoor range right down the road with in 5 min if you cant wait to shoot it!


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    Quote Originally Posted by LAFLA View Post
    ... Sojouner, if there truly is a problem with the large backstrap and failures to fire, I hope that by only using the small, which I'm sure will be the most comfortble for her, that will be a non issue. Do you think is is a matter of the larger backstrap just not sitting right on the pressure plate, or whatever is the disconnect mechanism?
    I do not have firsthand knowledge. If I were to buy the PPS and based solely on my reading, I would not be removing / installing the backstraps for any reason and I would not use the large backstrap at all. Your mileage may vary.

    I wish you well in in choosing the best tool for defending you and your loved ones.


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    I waited a long time (6+months) to even find one for sale. Worth the wait! Its every good thing thats said about it. I have a hard time getting any other guns out of the safe anymore, shes top dog.

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    Had one: 14xx early production. Worked fine for 200+ rounds then developed ejection problems.

    Sent it back to S&W for warranty repair. S&W paid shipping both ways, and in fact UPS picked it up at my home, and brought it back to my home.

    My PPS still had ejection problems:

    Send it back to S&W for warranty repair. S&W paid shipping both ways, and in fact UPS picked IT up and brought a DIFFERENT PPS back.

    I had spoken to a senior Customer Service person at S&W Customer Service about this being the 2nd return trip for my PPS and unless the gunsmith was 100% sure my ejection problem had been corrected I did NOT want it returned to me. I asked the CS Representative to keep it for me and I'd start climbing up the old "bitching" ladder until I found someone who would simply give me a new gun, or a refund, their choice..

    A few days later the gentleman called me back and said they could not duplicate my ejection problem, and would a new replacement PPS be acceptable?

    I accepted of course, and shortly the brown truck brought me a new PPS in the 41XX range.

    So far my new PPS has functioned perfectly. In the event it develops a problem (which I do not anticipate) I have no doubts my problem would be resolved to my satisfaction by the good folks at Smith & Wesson CS..

    So I would recommend the PPS as a very thin, very light, exceptionally easy to conceal carry 9mm pistol.

    I think the early issues (as with any new product) have been identified and corrected, and they were only affecting a few of the early pistols anyway.

    Just personal opinion/no offense intended.


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    hows the ergonomics on that thing ? seems kinda square, like a glock or HK USP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BOOM-STICK Holsters View Post
    Don't mean to hi-jack the thread but what is the difference between the first and second edition?
    The plastic is a silver color (it is a paint that is prone to peeling off), there is "Fist Edition" printed in gold on the slide. It came in a nice aluminum case and came with a 6, 7, and 8 round magazine. There were only a thousand made. Mine is in the 980's.

    I just shot IDPA with the PPS. It served me well. Aside from a hand pinched from practicing mag changes and having to change mags a bunch, it was reliable and accurate. Now I have over 1150 rounds through it.
    Gun control can be blamed in part for allowing 9/11 to happen.
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    It's Just My Opinion, But I'm RIGHT!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by hedgehog View Post
    hows the ergonomics on that thing ? seems kinda square, like a glock or HK USP?
    The slim part is great, but I don't believe I'll EVER get used to that darned mag release lever. THAT was, in my opinion, a major design flaw!

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    As a left handed shooter, I really appreciate the mag release. is gun is a winner. On of my top 4. Awesome - 1200 rounds

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    I absolutely LOVE my PPS. I carry it every day and it is so thin that I can wear it with any clothing and not worry about looking like I am packing.

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    Absolutely love mine. I'm a lefty also and I wish all of my guns had the same type of mag release. I've found the release very fast to activate.

    Mine is a .40 PPS and it is my EDC with zero feeding issues through about 700 rounds. It points very naturally and I actually feel more confident with my ability to get hits on target fast with this than my Glocks and 1911s. I'm addicted to all of my pistols but I feel this one is the most practical all around for me.

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