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Is the Ruger LCP safe to carry with a loaded chamber????

This is a discussion on Is the Ruger LCP safe to carry with a loaded chamber???? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I conducted a little drop test on a LCP myself, here is the related thread:

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Thread: Is the Ruger LCP safe to carry with a loaded chamber????

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    I conducted a little drop test on a LCP myself, here is the related thread:
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    TOO many personal injury lawyers and not enough PROOF READERS is the cause of this concern about a dropped gun firing and using a decocking lever on an LCP.
    Neither of these possibilities exist.

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    as I posted in another thread. My brother had an LCP discharge on him, when he dropped it. It struck a hard tile floor at the rear of the slide and fired. So... anything can happen.

    That being said, carry it safely, but carry it loaded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cvhoss View Post
    First, Ruger markets the LCP as a "carry" pistol. To me, and most everyone else judging from the comments on this board, a carry pistol is virtually useless if it isn't immediately ready for action so why market it as a carry gun if it cannot be carried with one in the pipe.

    Second, Ruger lists the gun's capacity as 6+1. Why the +1 if not to have it ready for action.

    With this said, I don't discount the possibility that any firearm may fire if dropped. The LCP is NOT listed on the approved list for sales in California but I don't know if that is because it failed the drop test or for some other reason. I also note that NO Kel-Tec pistols are on the California list. Personally, as small and light weight as the LCP is, I don't believe the firing pin could generate enough energy to fire without a full hammer drop, but I'm not going to start dropping mine to test it out.

    I carry my LCP with a chambered round always. Although no manual safety, to me the DA trigger acts as sufficient safety for a carry weapon. The reason it's not on the California list is California requires a loaded chamber indicator for the weapon such as the Ruger lC9.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
    you can't say it any clearer than that! Otherwise it's just a paperweight in your pocket...
    it is certainly not large or heavy enough to be a hammer, like my .45 when empty
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    "Holy necro-thread Batman!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by 15AcreWoods View Post
    My son who has a Texas CCW emailed me today saying that he has read reports that the Ruger LCP 380 will fire if dropped with a loaded chamber. Supposedly the instruction manual advised against carrying with a round chambered.

    Those of you who were fortunate enough to get a LCP will you look in your manual to see if this is in fact true. I tried to find a online down load for the manual and could not.

    We were both thinking about getting the LCP but this raises a flag.

    I know Ruger has gone to great lengths to make their single actions safe against drops and I would think they would do the same on all their new firearms.

    Some one give us some wisdom here!!!
    Don't drop your gun and it isn't a problem.
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    Will the LCP fire if dropped?

    Watch the attached vid (second post) I think this answers the question very well indeed. IMHO.

    I loved the LCP so easy to hide......It is now my wife's new EDC she loves the 10oz weight.
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    Is the Ruger LCP safe to carry with a loaded chamber????

    I realize this is a pretty old thread. I found it when searching for something else. I'm sure this has been covered elsewhere, but here's a link to the recall info regarding this topic.
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