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This is a discussion on ok for a carry revolver within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry a S&W 431PD airweight .32 H&R magnum in the summer. The .380 acp and .32 H&R magnum are the absolute minimum calibers for ...

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Thread: ok for a carry revolver

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    I carry a S&W 431PD airweight .32 H&R magnum in the summer.

    The .380 acp and .32 H&R magnum are the absolute minimum calibers for me.

    My little revolver holds six rounds instead of five and gives me close to .38 special non +P power.

    Unfortunately it has been discontinued by S&W, but you can find good used ones from time to time.
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    The above mentioned revolvers and a compact 9mm pistol.

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    I carry at least two guns, soon to be three.

    One is most often a 3" GP100 and the second is an Airweight J-Frame. The third will be an SP101 with a 2 1/4" Barrel as soon as I get it back from the 'smith.

    If you are going to carry on the Belt or IWB I would recommend the GP100 or SP101. If you are bound and determined to Pocket or Ankle Carry, then I have to recommend the Airweight J-Frame. To me it doesn't make sense packing an Airweight on your Belt when you can carry something of a bigger caliber just as easy.

    Even if I'm packing a "bottomfeeder" as a Primary, I have a J-Frame Airweight as a BUG. OK, I gave my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions. If it helps I'm glad, if not, oh well.

    Take care and stay safe.


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    I have a Taurus 85 titanium that I pocket carry in a Nemisis holster. Unless I wear spandex (kidding), it is invisible. Small revolvers take more practice, including speed loading. I get to the club every couple weeks and shoot half a box. Any more, and my wrists hurt. I really hope that if it comes time to use it in self defense, my adrenaline will improve my grip.

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    Like Pogo2, I favor the Dick Special:

    My young bride has a Cobra:
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    Only one snubby in our house...my wife's S&W 637, but now she prefers the KelTec .32 she found in the safe...

    I do like to take the 637 for quick trips, once in a while, as it easily slips into the front pocket. Actually, it's best use is with a little .38 snake shot when I accompany my wife to pick up pine needles she uses for basket-making. It's one of the few times I have a BUG with me.

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    This is the Taurus 605. (.38/.357) 5 shot

    I have walnut grips on mine.

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    Jun 2008
    I carry a S&W 642 and love it. Wouldn't think of carrying any thing else.

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    I'll stick with my Ruger SP101
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    S&W 642 with Crimson trace grips.
    Fine in a pocket holster.
    NRA Instructor/RSO/Coach/Recruiter
    Fenix, Olight, Nitecore, AMK, Leatherman, Condor, Maxpedition
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    Aug 2006
    Over here now!
    Best bang for the buck...

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    Senior Member Array rdoggsilva's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    I carry a Rossi 462, 6 shot in 357
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    I carry a S&W .38 special. It's the shrouded hammer variety, model 642. It can handle +p ammo and slides in the front pocket nicely. It's not going to win any distance shooting contests but it does go BOOM.

    Also this gun is VERY light. I think it is like 15 oz's unloaded. I struggled carrying a Kimber Ultra Carry II .45 acp ,Inside the Waistband (IWB) and desperately wanted a light pocket gun and this was it!

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    I carry a S&W 642 (.38spl) in a pocket or ankle holster when I need something smaller or more concealable than my Glock or 1911.

    IMO, I think the best .357 snubby on the market is the S&W .640, followed closely by the Ruger SP-101.

    In warm weather I carry a Bianchi speed strip for a reload, they're much easier to carry and conceal in a jeans change pocket. In cooler weather I still carry a speed strip in my change pocket but I'll sometimes also drop a speed loader or two in my coat pocket, depending on where I'm going.

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