So I took the new XD-M to the range last Saturday. I shot 100 rounds of WWB, 100 rounds of Blazer Brass, and 50 rounds of Doubletap Gold Dots. I was shooting at 10 and 25 yards. Accuracy of the gun was better than I can achieve, so grouping was good. Out of 250 rounds of the mixed ammunition I cycled there were 0 malfunctions of any type. The only thing I did to the pistol before I took it out to the range was lightly grease the slide rails, check the barrel for obstructions, and change the backstrap out on the grip. It was a lot of fun to shoot and didn't have the kick that my old XD40 had (it was a 4" bbl and this one is 4.5") and had less perceived recoil than my XD45 by a good margin. Overall, an excellent experience and one of my range friends shot it and liked it a lot as well. It is now in my carry rotation and I'm happily carrying it in my Crossbreed Supertuck as I type this post.