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Duty weapon AND CCW

This is a discussion on Duty weapon AND CCW within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; G23 is my duty weapon. I have a Sig P228 that is a little heavy for CC. If it has to be your duty and ...

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Thread: Duty weapon AND CCW

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    G23 is my duty weapon. I have a Sig P228 that is a little heavy for CC. If it has to be your duty and off-duty weapon than you should go with the Glock.
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    I almost laid out some hard earned cash for an H&K USP until I became a medic on a swat team where either a Glock 22 or 23 was mandated.

    I'm glad I got the Glock before I spent the money on a USP.

    I love the Glock for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is ease of disassembly and reassembly. I have heard you damn near need a 3rd hand when reassembling the USP.
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    Is their something specific that you are use to? DAO/Safe action or DA/SA? I know the Sig can come DAK but the Glock can not come DA/SA, if you are use to this set up and are looking for it then go with the Sig.

    I have many friends in Law Enforcement that carry the Sig On duty and Glock off duty, if this would be a dual purpose weapon I would think the Glock would be the ideal.

    As asked earlier have you looked at the M&P line? my EDC is a full size M&P 40 and I have not had an issue concealing it or with the weight.

    Being that this is work expense, is this a Tax right-off gun ?

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    The SIG is a great gun, but you may find if you purchase the SIG that the weight of carrying the SIG all day will be too much. Some like the weight, but no me. Go with the Glock 23, but I would also consider the Glock 19... I find myself carrying my Glock 19 a lot more than I do my Glock 23.

    Biggest Recommendation: Shoot all guns you are considering before you buy... you may find you like one better then another.
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    some people shoot a 9 mm better than a 40 cal.

    Why I don't know but they do.

    So like other have said you may want to consider the G19.

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    I also own both and I'll second what pogo2 says. The Sig is the better shooter and the Glock is easier to carry.

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    Yeah, it really is your choice because both weapons fit the bill. Some feel the Glock is a better CCW gun because they're lighter and all you have to do is draw and fire, no safety to manipulate and the trigger is the same every time you press it. SIGs also have no safety (except the SAO model) but in the SA/DA models, you do have to transition from the first shot DA to subsequent shots being SA. Not really an issue with a little practice.

    I really like SIGs better but that's purely a personal choice. I still own and carry a Glock from time to time.
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