Para LDA?

Para LDA?

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Thread: Para LDA?

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    Question Para LDA?

    Does anybody have any feedback,good or bad on the double action Para Ords.??

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    As long as you stick with a steel framed variation they are ok. The aluminum framed models do not hold up to a lot of shooting.


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    Hey gang,

    I have a para carry 9, which has the LDA trigger.
    I've shot about 500 rounds through it,
    The gun is like a mini 1911. Comfortable, easy to shoot, trigger did take a bit of getting use to. It is a long real real easy pull, no resistance, till you get to the "let off " Then its a real fast boom, I would compare it to my full size 1911 SA maybe a 4.5 lb let off
    I really like the trigger, and the 1911 configuations.

    Now as far as fit and finish, I have a wee bit of holster wear already.
    AND... I had extractor problems, I had to send the gun back to para for a new extractor and they also tuned the ejector.
    Also... The retaining pin that held the ejector worked its way out of the hole and I had to use a small punch to put it back in place.

    The gun rides well in a good IWB holster.
    In point shooting, I thought it would be a real winner. Now its a good pointer, and with a little more practice it might be my best pointer
    BUT.......... I have a XD 9mm sc that instinctively points better for me......AT THIS point in time.
    I also have more time with my XD then I do with the para.
    I can put consistant holes in the 10 ring at 15 to 20 ft.
    It aims like I like front sight dot in middle of 10 ring...
    my xd is a 6:00 o clock hold not what I like .

    I like having the safety on the para
    BUT... if you are squeezing the trigger while you are flipping the safety off
    The gun wont fire !!!!!!!
    When I do rapid fire drills I have had that problem ... I gotta remember to flip the safety first then put my finger on the trigger.
    Also....... I have small hands and oh small fat hands...
    I try to shoot with my thumb on top of the safety BUT.... the web of my hand is dangerously close to getting nailed by the slide.
    Its better for me to have my thumb under the safety.... again not where I want it to be........... Too easy to flip the safety up and then again.............NOT BE able to fire.........
    So, what I got is a 1000 gun that I am not too sure of BUT
    I do like the way it shoots and that is my dilemma
    anyway before I write a novel again
    take care
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    I've had a Para 16/40 for several years and I like it a lot. The LDA trigger is one of the best ideas in years imo. The pistol has been accurate and reliable with all the types of .40 ammo I've put through it.
    My only gripe is that magazines are 'SPENSIVE!!

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    Someone (here?) dropped a Para on the grip safety, and the force bent one of the stamped relay parts, locking the gun. Granted, anything has an increased chance of failing with abuse, but being dropped on the floor of the house from +/- 3' should not lock up a defensive sidearm.

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    I've had 5? Paras, two of which were LDAs, I like it, but I preferred the normal C&L better. I will say that of all the out of the box DAOs I've ever shot, the LDA is probably the most smooth.

    Never had a problem with the Paras, my only advice with Para is to go with a stainless finish, and buy the single stacks unless you specifically want the double stack as the double stack mags run about $50.00 and the Parakote finish on both the Parakoted guns I had didn't hold up for squat.
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    I like mine. The trigger is awesome. The finish just flat out sucks. But it is easily fixable with some duracoat.

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    LDA Para

    I just got done with one of Masaads LFI classes and the one guy who beat him scored a 300 with a Para LDA (Masaad had a 299). Nonetheless, I tried the trigger pull and that gun and I was amazed. I'm seriously thinking about getting one. I think it was a full size .40 or .45 caliber. Of course, my suspicion is that Masaad threw the match.

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