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Thread: Rock Island

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    Get it,

    I have a 5 inch RI in .38 Super that I used as a base gun to build a custom 9x23. One of the best base guns I've used. They are 100% GI interchangeable and are of good steel.

    They also hold their own as a basic no frills 1911, especially at the price.
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    I like the grips on it
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    I sure like my RIA's
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    one of my local shops carry a bunch of RI 1911s, in full size, commander, and officer sizes. i asked about them, and the gentleman who runs the shop told me that he'd rather carry one of them than a colt. i'm interested in another 1911, and everything i've heard about this brand has been positive, so i'm keeping them in mind.

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    The RIA line of pistols are fantastic. No problem with any of mine!!!

    My RIA Commander.

    Someone mentioned that RIA does not have bells and whistles!!! Look at this!!! All of the bells and whistles that you could wish for!!!
    My RIA Longslide!!!

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    The Rock Island frames and slides are castings rather than being machined from forgings and that coupled with the fact that they are made in the Philippines is why they can be offered at a lower price.

    The castings are good and they have proved to be quite reliable.
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    Thumbs up I have only good things to say about mine.

    I traded a Rem 1100 to a guy for a Rock. I know, I got the short end of the deal, but he's sorta family and had been shooting sporting clays tournaments with a Mossber 500. He needed an autloader or O/U to get his scores up and I didn't need it.

    Anyway, I knew it was pretty good because I helped him break it in with about 500 rnds.. I have to tell you, it's more reliable than my Dad's Colt so far. The Colt is mag finicky, but that RIA eats out of anything and will eat any ammo. JHP, HP, different brands, whatever.
    I liked it so much I bought another one. It's as reliable and a hair tighter, thus a hair more accurate(still way looser than a match grade of course) . I ran the first 200 rounds thru the new one completely dry out of the box. No oil on it at all, I mean none, cause the dealer had it setting on the shelf for a year or so and from the looks of it he didn't have any oil or didn't believe in using any.

    Never had a stoppage of any kind thus far. Even when dirty and hot. They are GI built, so they are built to looser tolerences as JMB intended. (of course theyre built in PI, so that might have something to do with the loosness too) You definately don't have to soak them down with Mobile 1 to keep 'em running. They're are a lot better 1911s out there, but not for the price of an RIA. The sights do suck though.
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    Nothing wrong with a cast frame!!! Ruger as well as many others also use cast frames.

    It is true that there are better 1911's out there but just remember it is the Indian and not the arrow!!! For what I do with my 1911's the RIA suits me just fine. I do not need a $3000.00 pistol for plinking or as a carry weapon. My RIA Compact has never let me down yet!!!

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    Think I read on 1911 forum frames are cast, slide is forged?

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    I've got more than 5,000 rounds through mine. Aside from the expected replacement pieces expected through notmal wear (guide rod springs, etc), I've never had to do anything to repair it. Nothing fancy, and that is what I like about it. I learned to shoot with it and consider my 1911 fetish to have started with the Commander RIA.

    In light of the fact that I bought it for a pittance ($200), it was a perfect introduction. Buy it NOW, or I will!!

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