How has your Kimber treated you?

How has your Kimber treated you?

This is a discussion on How has your Kimber treated you? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have had my heart set on a Kimber Ultra CDP II but the more I read about problems with Kimber in general the more ...

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  • Never had a single problem

    55 49.55%
  • Had a few problems before "breaking it in"

    28 25.23%
  • I have problems now and then after the break in period

    15 13.51%
  • I have frequent problems even after the break in period

    6 5.41%
  • It broke once but its been great since repair

    6 5.41%
  • It broke a few times

    3 2.70%
  • It breaks a lot, can't even use the thing

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Thread: How has your Kimber treated you?

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    How has your Kimber treated you?

    I have had my heart set on a Kimber Ultra CDP II but the more I read about problems with Kimber in general the more I wonder if its a good idea to buy one. I was thinking that people with problems will tend to talk about it more so I wanted to see how the numbers are in this forum.

    "Problem" - I define problem as something that does not immediately damage the gun. Such as FTF.

    "Broke" - I define broke as something that does damage the gun such that it requires repair or a part to be replaced.

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    I voted "It broke once but its been great since repair" but theres a story behind mine. It didn't really "break" though.

    I got mine used last year for Xmas. Its a Tac Ultra II. I gave her a thorough cleaning and hit the range, and began to notice feeding issues through a few boxes of ammo. changing ammo types didn't help much. A phone call to Kimber had me sending it in for Warranty repairs, which I was happy about since I got the gun used. They put about 7 mags through it, replaced the slide, did some parts matching, tuned the extractor, replaced the grip screws, put another 7 mags through it, and sent it back to me, no charge. Since then, ive had 0 issues.

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    I carry a Pro Raptor everyday and have had no issues whatsoever.

    It's not what you go thru in life, but how well you go thru it.

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    I have the dreaded external extractor on my compact stainless II with no failures and it is a tack driver at 25 yards.

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    I have a few Kimbers, and a few have seen hard use. They all have been flawless.

    Saint77, I have to discount your experience slightly, as you bought the gun used, and by the parts that were replaced, it sounds as it the previous owner was a tinkerer without a clue.
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    Which Kimber???

    Collectively we've had four Kimbers: A Stainless Ultra Carry in .40, a Pro CDP II in .40, CDP Compact and an Ultra CDP both in .45.

    The Stainless Ultra Carry and the Pro CDP II were both HORRIBLE and by horrible I mean HORRIBLE guns.

    My first day at the range with that Ultra Carry made me want to throw it in a lake.

    EVERY SINGLE SHOT through the thing was a failure to do something. A failure to feed, to eject, to extract. Double-feeds, stove-pipes, failures to go into battery, you name it. I was so frustrated with the thing I literally wanted to take it back to the store THAT DAY and DEMAND my money back.

    I put $400 dollars into getting it smithed and when it came back it was better but it still had failures, jams and issues. Not wanting a gun that was simply not proving reliable, we sold it.

    We put more than enough rounds through it for break in, we had it smithed, we changed mags, we did everything you CAN do to a gun to make it work and it never did (at least not to a defensive handgun standard). Who would want to keep such a gun?

    My husband's Pro CDP II was about the same experience.

    When I bought the Ultra CDP I was VERY (and I do mean VERY) skeptical. I swore that if the gun had so much as ONE hiccup in 500 rounds I was getting rid of it and never getting another Kimber for the rest of my life.

    It has probably had three times as much through that and it still hasn't had a failure.

    The thumb safety did break (or was about to break) and I replaced that, and the extractor did need tuning after I noticed my brass was getting chewed up and finding brass marks on my ejection port, but other than those two issues I've been very pleased with my little Ultra. I'll never get rid of it.

    So, out of the four Kimbers we've had two (meaning 50%) have been lemons.

    If I ever buy another Kimber, which is doubtful, it is going to get the full brunt of my skepticism until it has proven itself beyond a doubt. If it gives me even a fraction as many problems as I've experienced with other Kimbers I'm going to get rid of it faster than you can say, "Kimber."

    I have other trusted friends who've also had both very wonderful and very poor experiences with Kimber and it only stands to prove that you can get either greatness or crap from Kimber, you just have to decide whether it's worth the risk or not upon purchase.

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    Central Florida
    My Kimbers have been flawless...I might note that I seen friends with $2500 pistols that had to go back for such thing as a perfect pistol.

    My EDC is an Ultra CDP II, and I do trust it with my life!

    Stay armed...everyone has an opinion (they're like belly buttons, or something, everybody has one...)...stay safe!
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    I have have three Kimbers. I started with a Eclipse Pro Target 2. My first time to the range with it I loved it. Very accurate, reliable pistol. I liked it so much less than a month later I bought a CDP pro to have one a little less heavy to carry. Unfortunately, the CDP has had one jam since new. It has had 3000+ rounds through it, so I think that jam happened because I hadn't cleaned it in awhile. The last one I have is a ultra aegis in 9mm. I was skeptical about getting any 1911 in less than a 4" barrel. Im, so far, very happy with it though. I took it out to the range yesterday for the first time. I ran 250 rounds through it and had no problems. I think if you buy a Kimber you will be happy with it.

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    San Antonio, TX
    Nary a problem with my old girl, a Gold Combat stainless (pre-series II)


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    Western PA

    Pro Carry II

    'Got my Kimber .45 in 2002, some would suggest that their quality has been in decline recently. I'm pleased with its performance, particularly accuracy and trigger right off the shelf. I did find one Semi-Wadcutter bullet geometry that it objects to from time to time. With FMJ and a all the defensive options I've tried, it works with zero problems. I run Chip McCormick shooting star mag's and they tick right along.

    The frame has a full cut for the slide catch that goes through the rails, in contrast to my Springfield 1911A1 that has a hole that leaves the rail intact. My engineering-cap thinks that Kimber's got a crack waiting to happen there, but their testing a few thousand rounds say not to worry.

    Like any mechanical device, perfection is a tall order. Like any 1911, the design has potential to be great...but it may need a little expert tweaking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Saint77, I have to discount your experience slightly, as you bought the gun used, and by the parts that were replaced, it sounds as it the previous owner was a tinkerer without a clue.
    Saint77's problems sound nearly identical to mine and I bought my Kimber Pro Carry II new.

    It never had a problem with the first round from a magazine, but had all sorts of problems loading subsequent rounds.

    I went through the break-in period and even replaced the recoil spring. I had the same problem no matter what type of magazine I used (regular Kimber, KimPro Tac, McCormick and Wilson).

    Eventually, I sent it to Kimber and they wound up polishing the ramp and replacing the extractor. They sent it back with several new magazines and springs to compensate for what I spent on postage. I have not had a problem since.

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    I own 3 Kimbers, a SS Ultra Carry, an Ultra CDP and a Grand Raptor, and they have all been perfect out of the box. I absolutely love them.
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    Considering the poll questions....this is a very useful and informative poll...thanks
    Ed Brown Alpha Carry | Sig P238, P938, P232, 1911 C3 | Colt Defender, Mustang Pocketlite, 1911 | Rohrbaugh R9 | Browning, Buckmark 22LR(suppressed) | Kahr PM9 Black Rose | S&W|M&P C.O.R.E RMR Trijicon | Dan Wesson ECO

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    I have a Kimber Ultra CDPII.

    Can't say I've ever had a problem with it.

    It FTF'd a coupla times before the 500rd mark. It still will tend to FTF with Taurus Solid Copper Hollow points. I reckon it will behave the same with the Corbon DPX's since they use the same bullet.
    It hasn't FTF'd in recent memory with Federal HST 230gr +p although I have stopped carrying those rounds as they really punish my hands. IMO, you really can feel the difference between standard pressure and +P in that gun.

    The other thing i'd point out is if you plan on carrying it with either a smart carry or thunderwear or any holster like those, that beaver tail can really dig into ya.

    I've gotten used to it and it's quite comfortable now but once in a while if you sit down awkwardly, it will let you know it's there.

    Not that I would give up the gun for any reason b/c I really really love it, but knowing what I know now, given my preferred carrying method, I would have chosen a Kahr MK40. So I'm saving my pennies.

    Good luck to ya.

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    My old Stainless II with external extractor has been flawless from day one. My newer Pro CDP II will not function for crap with Wilson mags but runs flawlessly with Kimber mags, go figure
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