Is the verdict in on the Ruger LCP? (EDITED)

Is the verdict in on the Ruger LCP? (EDITED)

This is a discussion on Is the verdict in on the Ruger LCP? (EDITED) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; There was a lot of buzz when it first came out. Many of the range reports were positive, but then all of a sudden people ...

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Thread: Is the verdict in on the Ruger LCP? (EDITED)

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    Is the verdict in on the Ruger LCP? (EDITED)

    There was a lot of buzz when it first came out. Many of the range reports were positive, but then all of a sudden people were having issues with it.

    Is the verdict in yet or are lots of people still waiting for next production runs, improvements, the new Kahr P380, or whatever?
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    I'm just kind of hanging back for a while longer and see what happens before I get one.

    I am leaning on getting an LCP one day but for now, like you, I'm waiting for more input.
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    I am completely happy with mine, although I don't have a lot of rounds through it yet for a personal judgment on reliability. It is fun to shoot. Wonderful fit and finish. Feels good in the hand. Conceals well as BUG pocket carry.

    Some indicators of their popularity:
    • Hard to find in stores.
    • Long waiting list is stores that are willing to maintain them.
    • Selling at a premium to MSRP.
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    I love mine. It has hundreds of rounds through it without a single jam. It goes everywhere with me now, stoked with golden sabers and tucked into a front pocket in a Nemesis.

    My LCP is from the first production run. I sent it back to have the frame altered so that it wouldn't chew up brass so much. It never jammed before I sent it back, but I just wanted the option of reloading. The newer guns come with the altered frame, and with a bit nicer molding job around the mag release recess. I also understand that the slide hold open latch is now a bit convex so as to be easier to engage with a thumb. Mine is flat but I have no trouble with it so I'll probably just let it be.

    Again, my LCP has performed flawlessly for me from the get go, and I'm very happy I bought one.

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    I have one of the first ones also. Never had any trouble with it. I did a little home machining on the frame that took care of the brass problem that Bill mentions above. I like to reload too, now that it costs ~$15 for a box of 50 .380. Ridiculous!

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    I like mine, no problem with it at all.
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    I've put a couple hundred rounds through my "newer" (not newest, with the nicely molded magazine release button) with very few problems ... mostly failures to return to battery. Nine times out of 10 a light tap on the back of the slide will make it ready to fire. When that doesn't work, tap-rack-bang works.

    I do notice the failures happen much more often near the end of the range session when the gun is dirtied. I have never had a problem on the first 3-4 magazines of a session -- this is why I trust it for personal protection, as I try to keep my guns spotless.

    One thing that has happened on occasion is I lose track of the number of rounds fired and end up dry-firing when expecting a bang. If I could make one request to Ruger, I'd ask for an automatic slide stop on an empty magazine. Other than that, I'm very happy with the little guy.

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    I've had mine for about 3 months; about 300 rounds; all perfect except a few FTF with gold dots during the first few clips through the gun and a FTF with a magtech JHP. In fact, all the FTF's where in the first 50 rounds put through the weapon and all were JHP. Since then, it runs like a champ. I've had KelTec P3AT's and consdier the Ruger LCP to be what the P3AT's should have been.

    However, If I was still making up my mind, I would REALLY consider the new Kahr P380 that's due to come out any day. It has actual full sights and a slide that locks back after the final shot and it's a Kahr. I own two Kahrs and really like them. I think it may become the ultimate pocket .380!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gideon View Post

    However, If I was still making up my mind, I would REALLY consider the new Kahr P380 that's due to come out any day. It has actual full sights and a slide that locks back after the final shot and it's a Kahr. I own two Kahrs and really like them. I think it may become the ultimate pocket .380!

    Me too!
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    As far as the LCP, my mind is made up. I'm keeping mine. It has been flawless to this point and it's one of the early ones.

    As for the Kahr -- I love my Kahr PM-9 but trying to compare the new Kahr 380 to the LCP is like trying to compare a Kel-Tec to a Sig. Yes, they both go bang when you pull the trigger, but that's where the comparison ends. The LCP is selling around 300.00 (MSRP of 330.00) while the Kahr will probably sell around 600.00 (MSRP of 649.00). If this caliber were going to be my primary carry gun, I'd probably spring for the Kahr but for a back-up or "short trip", anytime gun, the LCP fills the bill for half the cost.

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    If I did not have KTs I would buy the Ruger. However, the P32 and P3AT have been trouble free, shoot well, and I have no complaints. I realize that they would not last long at 300 rounds per week, and doubt the Ruger would either.

    I am satisfied enough with the KT that I would not consider the Ruger.


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    Love my LCP, no problems whatsover! Don't know what the fuss is from other people. Plus this little pocket gun feels like a well build gun and ruger reliablility, no malfuntions, and no jams. Much better feeling then the plastic feeling kel tec piece of crap!
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    I haven't shot one yet, or even seen one out in the world. Given the chance, I'd love to run a few hundred rounds through one. I know I'd be pleased - it is a Ruger.

    However, unless the little pistol can give me winning lottery number, make me taller or thinner, or do my taxes for me, I'll stick with my P3AT. I've run at least $500 worth of ammunition through mine and I know it is reliable and pretty darn accurate.
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    I've had a 1st gen p3at for over 3 years w/ no problems and about 1000 rds or more. Don't carry a 380 much except as BUG, never as primary so just don't need another 380. Since I've got 8 p3at mags, I probably get another one if I needed another 380 but would check out the lcp too. Never seen one in this part of world. Would like to at least put my hands on one.

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    Completely satisfied. Several hundred rounds through already. Eats everything I put in it, with no jams, no issues whatsoever. Of course, I do take really good care of cleaning/lube after every use.
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