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Why can't "they" make a 9mm the size of the Ruger LCP?

This is a discussion on Why can't "they" make a 9mm the size of the Ruger LCP? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A local store in my area has these and after double checking the specs, it's near identical in size. SCCY CPX-1...

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Thread: Why can't "they" make a 9mm the size of the Ruger LCP?

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    A local store in my area has these and after double checking the specs, it's near identical in size.

    SCCY CPX-1

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    The design and metallurgy problems would be nightmares, Since the 9mm is longer and loaded to much higher pressure than the .380. Since grip size would be very tiny, it could be very unpleasant to shoot.

    Ammunition is another problem. Even at the 9mm's higher pressures, just how much greater performance could you get than is already available from hot modern .380 ammo? Not much, I suspect.
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    No +P in the Rohrbaugh. PF-9 is the closest you'll come if you want to shoot that, plus it's lighter than the Rohr.

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    the PF9's are getting some pretty good comments on the keltec owners group website.
    I have a P32 and P11 and both have done well.

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    Imho its neither pressure , nor timing which can both be fixed ( albeit expensively ) . It is rather the fact that the formfactor ( size of frame ect ) of the p3at or lcp wont allow a longer round and still reliably feed . It could i suppose be done , but at a cost of case head support that would be both dangerous and prohibitive given 9mm pressures . I think that the Rorabaugh ( sp ) is the pinicle of small for the 9mm and at a high expense . If your " frugal " like me then the Kahr pm9 is about as small as you can go nowadays . Neither is cheap , but the kahr is more affordable and my " niche " doesnt value the smaller size of the Rorabaugh ( again sp?) enough to pay the tarrif in both original purchase or the attendant spring replacement costs as normal service .
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    I pocket carry the kahr PM9 it works great.

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    Colt Pocket 9

    I agree with JD. The Colt Pocket 9 is a fine carry weapon if you can find one. I carry one most days and am very happpy with it. It's 17 ounces and about the same size as a Kel-tec PF9. However, some shooters don't care for the heavy trigger pull.
    Anyone else carry this little rocket?

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    I owned one and sold it. Could not get used to the hard, long pull of the DAO trigger. It is a well built gun. It was the gun that Kahr sued Colt over for stealing their design and thus Colt no longer makes them.
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    Your question seems to have been answered so I'll simply comment that the PM9 is a viable pocket carry piece that shoots +p if desired. I carry one as a BUG daily.

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    What about those new Walter PPS Guns. Those are pretty thin.
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    I actually just put one of those SCCY cpx-1's on hold. It is a really well put together weapon. The other cool thing is that it has an unlimited lifetime warranty. It is also small enough to drop in your back pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exactlymypoint View Post
    But I would like to see a 9mm semi-auto the size of the Ruger LCP as a BUG.

    Now you have seen it! The Rohrbaugh is awsome!

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    I routinely carry a Kahr PM9 in a Nemesis pocket holster. I carry a spare mag in the other pocket with a K&D pocket mag carrier.

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