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This is a discussion on Kahr PM45 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you think the PM9 is a handful you have no business shooting the pm45. I personally think it is very pleasant to shoot. To ...

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Thread: Kahr PM45

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    If you think the PM9 is a handful you have no business shooting the pm45. I personally think it is very pleasant to shoot.

    To the guy that is going to sell his because it is worse than a Scandium J-frame....well, I don't want to say anything that will get me barred from this forum.

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    I want a PM45 as well. It seems to be a fine pistol by the accounts I've read and I do love my little PM9.

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    Are un-extended, un-padded based mags available for the PM45..?

    If so, does anyone have any photos..?

    THANKS in advance.

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    I really like my PM40. If i'm not mistaken it's the same size as a PM9. Very accurate. I could see where it might be a handful if soft around the edges.

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    I was thinking of getting the Kahr 380 about to be released....but since I already have the LCP this 45 is looking tempting!!
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    Am waiting on a test gun Kahr CW4543. 6+1 .45ACP. I handled one at TREXPO and it feels pretty good in the hand. Interesting engineering and design features to make it slimmer than even the Glock 36 (one of my all time favorite guns). I'm partial to the .45 simply because it was my first duty weapon (Army MP back in the early '80s - not to give away my age). I have no problem with the 9mm or the .40... or the .357Sig, 10mm, .45GAP. But in order of preference (for me) it would be:

    Note that it's not a matter of confidence in performance for me but simply a matter of which rounds have been around longer to be "tried and tested true". The .45ACP and 9mm are both over 100 years old. We've got them figured out and know what they'll do. 10mm is about 40. .40S&W is about 25. The .357Sig and .45GAP are both newer. I have confidence that both will work BUT - the .357Sig is sharper recoil in my hand than I like (although I could tolerate it in a duty gun or if it was what I was "stuck" with) and the .45GAP is still an unknown commercial quantity in my mind. Sure, Glock has their guns for it as does Springfield Armory but I'm just not seeing it make headlines like I thought it would.

    Anyway - to return to topic - I'm eager to get the CW4543 and will update everyone with photos and performance comments.
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    Remember to consider your ammo cost and availability!

    The .45ACP, 9mm, and 40 would be OK.
    The others will cost you more, and you might have trouble finding them.


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    While the PM9 is very controllable it is still has a bit of snap to it due to the exceptionally small size. I can imagine the PM45 is snappier yet. A range day gun it would not be. I've carried 9s for some time due to arthritis in both wrists. The 45 makes a big hole, but it comes with a price in ammo cost and shooting comfort as a small frame pistol. JMHO
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