Keltec PF-9 range report

Keltec PF-9 range report

This is a discussion on Keltec PF-9 range report within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I bought a Pf-9 with purpose of replacing my keltec p-32 as my pocket carry piece. Nothing is wrong with the .32, but i would ...

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Thread: Keltec PF-9 range report

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    Keltec PF-9 range report

    I bought a Pf-9 with purpose of replacing my keltec p-32 as my pocket carry piece. Nothing is wrong with the .32, but i would greatly prefer a larger caliber and there isn't really that much size difference between the two.

    Anyway, I went to the range to start breaking in the PF-9 and was kinda disappointed. I fired a 100 rounds of the Winchester white box stuff through it and i had failures every few rounds. They were mainly failures to feed, where the round is sort of sticking upwards and the slide closes on it. And there was also a problem with double feeding where one round would go in the chamber and then instantly the next round pop up a little and keep the slide locked back.

    I doubt these problems can be blamed on the magazine, because i was using two of them and they both had about equal number of problems. I'm really hoping that these problems sort themselves out as I continue to break the gun in.

    The trigger pull was almost identical to the P-32, which mean it was really really long, like a revolver. The accuracy of it was surprising. It seemed more accurate than the person behind, but keep in mind that's not saying a lot. The other thing that i noticed is that this isn't range gun, meaning it was uncomfortable to shoot. I would imagine it's amazingly light weight would have a lot to do with that.

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    Sounds like magazine problem the feed lips may need bent in a little,it sounds like it's letting rounds pop out too easy
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    I would have to agree that it is not a range gun. But it is a great slim concealable gun. Hope you get it running properly.
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    I have a P-11, although I never had any failures, it is uncomfortable to shoot. I get a blister on the web-part of my hand(forgot what its called-where the thumb and index finger join your hand) every time I shoot. It also has a very long trigger pull, I can fire off rounds faster with my 357 revolver than my Kel-Tec.
    It does carry easily though.
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    My PF-9 is about 1 1/2 years old and I'll be the first to tell you that it is not a range gun - its for personnel protection. Mine has been very comfortable to carry and with over 100 rounds of various ammo fired, none have caused a malfunction.
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    Fwiw.... I've purchased both a .32 and 380 Keltec (new) over the years. Both were unreliable, when new . Both were sent back to Keltec with a stern note and both were returned to me completely cured. I still have and carry the 380 and am satisfied with it.

    If I ever purchase anothe Keltec, I'll do so with the assumption that I will need to send it back at first. I know, it seems like a strange way to do bussiness, but they have been good guns after their trip "home"...

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    Sorry to hear about the problems you have been having. That sort of problem with a new gun is very frustrating. I would suggest you call Kel Tec at 1-800-515-9983 and talk to them about it on Monday morning. They are unique in that you wil be able to talk to a gunsmith rather than a flak catcher and can actually get intelligent answers to your questions.

    I have had my PF-9 for about 8 months now. I have 1026 rounds through it with a 1 percent failure rate, 10 failures total. ( I'm keeping a record becasue I want to document my gun's service life.) In that period, I have had one magazine of three replaced by Kel Tec for failure to feed issues. Personally, I think that Kel TEc has done a better job on the gun than Megar has done on the magazine.

    Good luck- conwic

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    my brother's had one for awhile, and it's only ever jammed once. the only ammo it didn't like was the winchester ranger 147 grain stuff. it ate up every other type it was fed. you definitely need to call the company up and tell them about it.

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    Had the same problem couple of times w/newest PF9 during breakin. After a while something "clicked", either w/me or the gun? and haven't had a problem w/it in over 500rds. I have found if I limit myselt to 50rds/range trip w/it, no problems.

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    With the Kel Tec's you get a well designed and inovative pocket pistol, but for the low price point they sell for they cannot spend a lot of time and effort hand finishing on the internals and you are going to find some leave the factory with reliability issues. Thats why these guns sell at the low price point they do. Kel Tec will fix the gun they have a good service reputation, but they get a bit too much practice fixing their guns IMO, but they do fix them for free and make every effort to make it right for you.
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    I had one and got rid of it quick. Some say it is not a range gun. If it's not a range gun, IMO, it's not a carry gun.

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    Own one, carry it on occasion, only 1 fail to fire from cheap practice ammo, primer was hit, but did not go bang. Looks like the cheap ammo could have hard primers, went bang on the second try.

    Do I like it-yes, it conceals easier than my XD, and I believe it to be a better carry choice than my P-3at, so when conditions dictate, I carry it.

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    My wife carries a P11. We had a single failure to feed the second mag after a new purchase. Since that time zero malfunctions of any kind. She feeds it federal EFMJ for carry, but i am trying to get her on Winchester Ranger T's or Gold Dots. Accurate, reliable, compact..and she is used to the trigger now. Her first gun, and the first one she ever fired. Very happy with it. Now she wants a M&P in

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    Polishing the feed ramp will help out a lot on the feeding problem. A dremel tool and less than 5 minutes made a world of difference on mine.

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    A cover and grip pads have made mine much more pleasant to shoot. I use 2 pads on front as well as the back of the grip.
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