Primary Criterion when choosing your weapon

Primary Criterion when choosing your weapon

This is a discussion on Primary Criterion when choosing your weapon within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Okay, I'm at work (therefore, I'm bored) so I thought I'd throw a question out there and see what kind of responses/discussion it generates. Here's ...

View Poll Results: When choosing a carry weapon, what is your primary criterion?

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  • Reliability

    88 66.17%
  • Ergonomics

    8 6.02%
  • Comfort/ease of carry

    20 15.04%
  • Aesthetic appeal

    0 0%
  • Capacity

    0 0%
  • Reputation (i.e. I chose this because ___ are good guns)

    3 2.26%
  • Other (please explain)

    14 10.53%
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Thread: Primary Criterion when choosing your weapon

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    Okay, I'm at work (therefore, I'm bored) so I thought I'd throw a question out there and see what kind of responses/discussion it generates.

    Here's the question: When you chose your carry gun, what was your primary criterion?

    Instructions: vote in the poll, then post and state what weapon (make and model) you carry and explain your poll choice.

    I do not care what you're favorite gun is, I am not interested in what you have in the sock-drawer or safe, or what your BBQ gun is. I am asking what you actually carry (i.e. the gun that spends the most time on your hip or in your pocket, etc.) and whether said weapon actually lives up to your poll choice. Be honest.

    To make sure I play by my own rules...

    My primary carry weapon is a Glock 19. My vote was for reliability as I feel that this is the most important factor. To me, all other considerations, including such things as how it feels, are secondary.
    I have put over 12,000 rounds through my 19 in the last few years without a single weapon-related malfunction. This includes times when it was subjected to a high round-count under unfavorable conditions (for example: so caked with mud that the mags couldn't be loaded to capacity).

    I am confident (as much as you can be in a mechanical device) that it will go "bang" every time I pull the trigger. To me, this level of confidence is more valuable than ease of carry, ergonomics, or looks.

    Who's next?
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    Springfield GI 1911 .45. Feels good in the hand, points well in the hand. No issues with having to carry C&L. The fact that it is a proven .45 doesn't hurt either. But even with everything associated with the 1911, if it didn't feel right, I still wouldn't use it.
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    I voted Comfort/ease of carry, but there was no ONE criteria. Mine basically were (in no particular order) reliability, capacity, quality, caliber, concealability and ergonomics . I think that covers everything but aesthetics. I couldn't care less. This is a tool. If it is ugly (hey, all Glocks are ugly) who cares. As long as it goes bang when I pull the trigger.
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    My primary consideration is the effectiveness of the round carried.

    After that it's reliability followed by how well I shoot it. I have a Glock 19, and I'm considering getting a Glock 26 as a BUG for when I carry the 19, but I much prefer the .357 magnum with 125 Grain JHP's or SJHP's depending on the ammo manufacturer.

    All self defensive calibers are compared to the .357 magnum so I just carry the original most days. I have seen 38 Special, .357 magnum, 9mm and .45 ACP fail, but the .357 magnum seems to fail less than the others, the only thing it's lacking is capacity.

    I dealt with a man last year that literally scared me out of my 9mm. In my dealings with him the night of the incident, and days following it, I asked myself one very important question; "What caliber/gun would I want if I met this SOB in a dark alley one night?"

    Make no mistake about it, this was one bad dude. I have recently dealt with a subject that was shot five times with a 9mm. All the rounds were "in the black" so to speak and he is among the living. Yes, his hits were a little low, but four were in the 5 Ring on a standard B27 Target and one was in the 4 Ring.

    So, for me it's simple, since I can learn to shoot anything reasonably well. I go with what I consider the most effective commonly found caliber. There is no sense in having a .582 Superuberfelonstopper bullet if you can't find it at your local gunshop.


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    I voted other, and my answer would be all of the above.

    With the sheer number of manufacturers, makes, models, sizes, finishes, etc out there, I don't think there is a reason you cannot have it all.

    I didn't make the right choice my first time. I started with an XD9 4". My criteria was reliability at first. It was the wrong choice for me. It is a pain to conceal and I hate the trigger. Sticking with reliability, but going with something smaller, I figured the 642 airweight would be perfect...It was okay for a while, but the width of the cylinder made it a little weird to carry.

    Then I discovered 1911's. I was still planning on alternating between my XD and my 642, but I wanted something I could have some fun with at the range, so I went with the Kimber Grand Raptor...and I absolutely fell in love. Shoots great. It's a tack driver, and who would have conceals better than my XD and my airweight.

    Now that I had narrowed down what I was looking for, I went with the Kimber Ultra Carry. Reliability has been perfect. It's a tack driver. It's a breeze to conceal. It's reputation is great and I already had the Raptor so I know I felt I could trust Kimber. Ergonomics are perfect for me. As far as capacity, 7+1 in .45 with an extra mag is more than I ever hope to have to need.

    So, in short...I kept looking until I found something that fit all of the requirements that I found important. I refuse to 'settle' on any one of those choices when there are so many options out there which can provide 'all of the above.'

    So far, the only compromise I have made is when deep concealment is absolutely necessary, I will carry my Ruger LCP. Unfortunately, out of your poll, about the only thing it has going for it is 'ease of carry'.
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    I said I'm not in LE, just an old man who minds his own business and needs something he can shoot well, feels good IWB and in the hand...and will always go Bang!

    My Kimber Ultra most of the time, but my G-36 on my Harley...both meet my expectations.

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    Voted-ease of carry. My EDC- P-3at, not the best choice by far, but it is with me everyday. My job limits what I can carry, so I carry around my job. If my Kel-Tec was not 100% reliable I would carry something else.

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    Its gotta go boom every time..realiability.
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    Can't choose one. It's like asking me which part of the airplane I flew was most important: Right wing? Left wing? Tail? Control surfaces?
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    I had to choose reliability. No matter what other qualities a gun may have, if I can't count on it I can't use it.

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    Taurus 5 shot .357. Reliability was my vote, but ease of carry is a close second.
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    Why you Choose a Weapon

    I choose reliability. It must work every time. I carry a Hi-Power or an XD9sc. If I am going to carry a pistol and deal with the issues about CCW then the gun has to work. I also carry a P32 and have it in a front pocket when I don't carry a spare magazine. There are times when I only carry the P32. When I do it never fails that I see something or someone that makes me wish I had one of my 9s.

    -- Richard
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    I apply the same criteria to carry guns as I do with anything. I view something with every aspect in mind, or, I never pick a single attribute to go by, im looking for the total package.

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    I would say reliability is first but they are all important in some respects. I carry a G19. I like its size, the way it fits my hand, how well I can shoot it, its finish and durability, and ect. Like that shotgun commercial where the guy says he expects three things in a gun...Boom Boom Boom!
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    Comfort/ease of carry
    Aesthetic appeal

    All the above.
    "The pistol, learn it well, carry it always ..." ~ Jeff Cooper

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