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Has anyone bought a pistol not intending on it being a EDC?

This is a discussion on Has anyone bought a pistol not intending on it being a EDC? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yes - XD45 reluctantly replaced my 1911 ... I had bought the XD for a home defense gun, I wanted the rail and capacity. Now ...

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    Yes - XD45 reluctantly replaced my 1911 ... I had bought the XD for a home defense gun, I wanted the rail and capacity. Now I carry it about 80%.
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    My MK9.....when I couldn't wear my P229 and I didn't have my P239 yet.
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    I bought a 6" Ruger Security Six for my wifes house gun. Had no plan to ever carry it and still don't. If it was a 4" barrel I might try it, but 6" is just a bit too much to conceal.

    I also bought another RIA 1911 last year and don't plan to carry it.

    Oh yeah, .22 cal with a six inch barrel is also a non-carry gun.

    Let me stop here and say that the only guns I have that were bought with carry in mind were my .38 snubby and mid size .40 cal. The rest are for other purposes.
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    Yep, when I bought my S&W 637 I expected it to be more of a glovebox gun because I was carrying a full-size 1911 at the time. After practicing a ton, I've become confident with it and now it's my daily carry. It's on my hip right now, actually.

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    my 22 pistol and my sigma 9mm.
    Both were bought as range pistols, the 22 was for good cheap fun and the sigma was bought to shoot a cheaper ammo in a full size gun to practice with. It is now sitting in the kitchen in my apt, the only room i go to with out my M&P40.

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    To clarify, the question was about a gun you bought with no intentions of it being an EDC, but it has become your primary EDC.
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    I bought a Taurus 850 CIA ultralight to use until I figured out what I really wanted to carry. I figured out that I like the Taurus better than anything else I can come up with so it has become my EDC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodc13 View Post
    EDC = Every Day Carry. In other words, the handgun you usually carry with you. My current EDC piece is a Kimber Ultra CDP II .45 ACP.
    Thanks Rod. Lately, I've been toting my CZ-82.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnum Mikie View Post
    Thanks Rod. Lately, I've been toting my CZ-82.
    You're welcome. IGTKYDCA*

    *It's Good To Know Your Defensive Carry Acronyms
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    The purchase of my G17 last winter, which was just supposed to be pretty much for the range and a house gun, is what ended up luring me over to the "dark side"...and also the 9mm caliber, which I was completely opposed to carrying beforehand.

    Now Glocks are pretty much all I would consider carrying. Of course, that may change, but probably not anytime soon.
    G17, G26

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    Have several that I never intended for EDC. First one was my Ruger Mark II target, then there is the Taurus Model 44, 8" vent ribbed 44 Mag and of course my black powder pistols.
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    I bought a XD40 for EDC, and within a month picked up a M&P40 and a M&P40c for fun...

    After the first trip to the range to shoot these three, the XD became the range piece and I carry either the 40 or 40c...

    No BUG for me.

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    I keep an EDC and an under bed/ lock box pistol. The under bed pistol is larger, and does not lend itself easily to EDC. It's secondary role is to enjoy longer shots that would be more than the EDC pistol is really intended for.

    Yes, I've bought many non-EDC pistols. I usually keep only two pistols around, but I've always had the non-EDC pistol.

    I've never had one that became my EDC, although at times when my EDC was unavailable, I have "made do" with the second pistol for a short time. I even once carried a 5 inch 629 Classic for a couple of days...

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    I enjoy collecting guns so the great majority have been acquired with no thought of use as an EDC. I've purchased a few for self-protection through the years that have proved to seldom see use for the purpose.

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    Not really for me. I'm on a rather limited budget and buy for specific reasons. I have my Glock 19 and 26 for EDC and the 34 and 35 for competition use. Those are the only handguns I own.
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