Glock 36 or Kahr PM45??

Glock 36 or Kahr PM45??

This is a discussion on Glock 36 or Kahr PM45?? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; To anyone who has shot both. Which handles recoils better? I have been seriously thinking about the pm45. Read some good, some bad reviews. I ...

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Thread: Glock 36 or Kahr PM45??

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    Glock 36 or Kahr PM45??

    To anyone who has shot both. Which handles recoils better? I have been seriously thinking about the pm45. Read some good, some bad reviews. I guess all kahrs have their break in period. I have a xd40 c, and a xd9 sc, but would really like something slimmer, and a 45. I have no opinion on Glock, because ive never owned one. All the sudden im about to be a CHL holder, and all of those things that never mattered before, like gun size, thickness etc... Will be concealing in a IWB either Mtac or CrossBreed type holster. Any recommendation on holsters would also be helpful. thanks

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    I haven't shot the PM45, but I have shot the Glock. Recoil isn't bad at all. I'm quite certain that the lighter, thinner, smaller PM45 is going to have more recoil. I don't know how much more, but I would guess that it would be a distinct difference. The G36 is still relatively thick, so the grip soaks up a lot of the recoil. Plus, you get a 3-finger grip on the frame. I've held the PM45 and can't get 3 fingers comfortably around it. It's the price you pay for fitting a 45 in your pocket.

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    When i go that small i don't look to .45. my pocket pistol is a pm9 kahr . Now understand that my wife once shot a full duty qualification with her detonics .45 and frankly scored in the top 5% of the shooters who qualified that day . She loves her compact .45 , and to this day it is her ccw , tho she did carry a modded Browning hp for a duty gun ( it was modded basically to shorten the trigger pull a bit ) . Her Detonics has run well , and in fact as of today it is about 500 rounds over a reccomended spring change , and showing no bobbles as of yet ( she just tested a rapid mag feed with HP ammo the other day on a rattle snake , but that is another story lol ) .
    Back on track tho i am not a small lad , i am 6-0 or 6-1 depending on the day and the dr , i run to 200 lbs + and have a waist that with my ccw fits into a 34 . I carry a 9 . In fact i carry a single stack 9 just because of the form factor and light weight . I can shoot anything fairly well ( well the S&W .460 and .500 slow me down but i shot full house 10mm to qualify as an LE instructor some many years ago ) The ability to shoot " anything " gives me the ability to shoot anything . and select pistols from formfactor as to what carrys well . My answer to the OP is neither lol . A P45 Kahr is a possiblity , the PM no way , not because it cannot or will not shoot , but because just like my pm9 kahr it is just the wrong size to be usefull for a day to day carry gun .
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    Try the Kahr P45 or CW45. The 1" width includes the slide release and they are very concealable. The PM45 and G36 comparison is not really fair.

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