Anyone else leave "slack" in their mags?

Anyone else leave "slack" in their mags?

This is a discussion on Anyone else leave "slack" in their mags? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Been lurking on the forum and reading every weekday while at work for a few weeks, but finally broke down and decided to post today. ...

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Thread: Anyone else leave "slack" in their mags?

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    Anyone else leave "slack" in their mags?

    Been lurking on the forum and reading every weekday while at work for a few weeks, but finally broke down and decided to post today. Currently enduring the long wait for my Texas CHL.

    While I haven't carried concealed in public, but have car carried for a good while both in Texas and in Florida, I've always left a little "slack" in my mags when toting an auto loader. What I mean by slack is that I won't load the magazines to full capacity.

    For example:
    Sig 239 9mm
    8+1 = intended factory mag capacity
    7+1 = what I used to load in the pistol

    The rational behind is of course is to reduce magazine spring fatigue - I must've read something about that a long time ago that got me thinking this way, but cannot recall what it was (predated civilian use of the Internet I'm sure of though.

    Of my autoloaders that I currently own - I load them as follows:
    Glock 19 = 12+1 (3 less rounds)
    Bersa Thunder = 6+1 (one less)
    Ruger LCP = 5+1 (one less)

    Was wondering if anyone out there takes these same measures in the autos they carry or if I'm just a little too paranoid?

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    I use to do the same thing until a cop buddy told me to load to capacity, reason being is if you ever have to use it and the police show up they will be looking for the "missing rounds" another thought is what if... not having that one extra round cost you your life?? Magazines are cheap and you can't put a price on your life..

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    The biggest factor in spring fatigue is use - the loading and unloading of tension. Loading your mags to capacity is much easier on them then using them a lot, loading/unloading/reloading/etc.
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    There have been reports of some specific guns not liking to be loaded completely to capacity. IMO, if yours is one of those, you adjust or risk failure at an ugly time.

    I'd suggest going with what your firearm likes best. Mine, a CZ P-01, loves 14rds full. I carry 14+1 at all times. I replace the springs every year or two (with heavy usage), depending on how they seem to be responding; somewhat longer intervals, otherwise. The moment they're feeling a bit softer, they're replaced.
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    My Glock 19 has 15 round mags. I load to 15 then chamber one round leaving 14 in the mag. Not because of spring tension but to ease in loading and unloading if the need arrises. When I have to pull my gun and un load for any reason I drop the mag., eject the round in the chamber then insert the loose round back into the magazine and secure it on my person. Makes loading and unloading easier during the day.
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    I always load 'em up to capacity ... and that's the revolvers!

    Oh, the automatics? Yeah, I load 'em up to capacity too.

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    Full mag plus one in the chamber. Also carry at least one extra mag.

    Wheelies are fully loaded with at least two speed loaders in reserve.

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    I load to capacity in all my Glocks, tested function at range repeatedly, never had a problem.

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    Keep mine fully loaded, the factory took spring tension into account for us.

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    Full mag +1. Springs aren't that expensive if you need to replace one. Wolf makes springs for most common guns. If I feel one is getting weak I will change it out.
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    In my Taurus PT145 1st generation,I load 10 in the mag and then rack a round and just keep the 9 in the mag,I don't top off.

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    I've been "told" that spring fatigue is something of the past and with current technology it is no longer a problem. I've also been "told" it's a good idea to leave one out on my Glock 27 because it's easier to shove the mag in if the slide is closed. That is certianly true but I haven't made up my mind yet whether I believe it's a good idea or not.

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    I keep all mine fully loaded. One in the chamber with the magazine topped off. Why sell yourself short? What if you need that extra round or two? Like others have said, springs are cheap and I don't think it's much of an issue with today's technology. Just my $0.02.

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    I have always loaded to full capacity, and then chambered a round. This leaves a little less pressure on the mag when the slide comes forward. Just my personal preference, and I don't even know why. I just have always done it that way.

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    My carry gun is always loaded to capacity. I also cycle my carry ammo every 6 months, and shoot my carry guns regularly to make sure the springs aren't dying.

    Practice often, it keeps your skills sharp and pushes any gear issues to the surface!

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