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This is a discussion on 1911 thoughts.... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 1911's, one is never enough and as you get older you will find there is really a difference in the high end models, :-)...

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Thread: 1911 thoughts....

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    1911's, one is never enough and as you get older you will find there is really a difference in the high end models, :-)

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    My name is john and I am a 1911 addict. The only problem is my addiction doesn't just stop at 1911's. I love so many different kinds of guns that my fiancee says I have a SERIOUS problem. She has informed me Im no longer allowed to go to gunshows any more. Im like Jay Leno at a car dealership.

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    Just when I think that I am a glock man at heart, I drink a bit more of the 1911 koolaid (buy another{1 series I in blue, another in stainless and a slightly tuned 1991Colt} , take a class etc and get pulled back in). If you have one that is reliable and dialed in, there really is nothing like it.

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    Hi my name is Tim, I am also addicted to 1911 s . I Purchased The PT 1911ss also and I can t Quit. I purchased a frame to build my own I loved them so much. I can t wait to finish it. I actually sold my Ruger LCP to buy parts for this Gun. I may need help.
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    Not necessarily 1911s

    I'm not a big 1911 fan (please, nobody shoot me). However, I've only been in to guns for less than a year. After my first one, the three others came pretty rapidly. It's a freakin' disease for which I'm not sure I want a cure.

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    Since I retired I have been on slow withdrawl. Symptoms; Nightmares where my guns get stolen and I can't find any 1911 to replace them. Reread all magazines and books, drooling all over the pictures of the 1911s I haven't been able to purchase. Fondling the ones I have every chance I get. Going to Gun shops and drooling all over counters untill told to either buy or leave.

    There is really no cure.

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    My name is Sha... errrhhmm Bill, and I am an addict.

    Sold a glock to buy her, Best choice evar!
    "If you don't have any guns and someone breaks in, what are you going to shoot them with?"
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    This is one reason I don't recommend the 1911 to casual shooters. The desire to clean, upgrade and master the 1911 leads to buying more of them which leads to more cleaning and upgrading.

    One can own a Glock and be quite happy to never clean it or own another one. It's like why have more than one adjustable wrench?

    The 1911, on the other hand, make one rationalize owning a "beater", an EDC, a target gun, a race gun, a BBQ gun... the list goes on. After all the practical variations are bought, then you can start dropping some real money in collecting.

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