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S&W releasing new "no lock" 642

This is a discussion on S&W releasing new "no lock" 642 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by denverbear Now I really do not want to sound stupid but I have not owned or shot a revolver in over 30 ...

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Thread: S&W releasing new "no lock" 642

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    Quote Originally Posted by denverbear View Post
    Now I really do not want to sound stupid but I have not owned or shot a revolver in over 30 years and could someone please explain what an internal lock system is and how it works. I am planning on getting a little j-frame and would like to know something about this before I go to the gun store. are thier advantages or disadvantages to this...please someone explain this....thanks
    Go to the Smith and Wesson forum (Main Page - Powered by eve community) and do a search for "internal lock" and you will have enough reading to satisfy 5 lifetimes of bathroom time.

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    Will they be offering a 442 without a lock as well? I would prefer the 442 but would settle for the 642 if need be.
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    No lock....no problems...
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    If S&W offers a no lock 642, I'll reconsider buying one. I had planned to buy one last year right before "the thread" hit the S&W forum concearning all the problems being reported with the locks failing with the hammer locking up in the half fall position on a live round. I decided at that point....No Way!
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    I don't remember, never owned one but looked at them when they came out, I think the "lock" is just a screw that blocks. Common sense says, firearms vibrate during firing, screws move during vibration, life and death moment, you break trigger off trying to drop hammer. My 870 had one when I bought it but that was replaceable with a none locking safty button. Sigs never had them, thank you Sig.

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    I highly doubt it...after all...it is a Lock company that bought out S&W. I bet they sell the whole company to Taurus before they stop with the locks.

    Yup......I have to see it to believe it. Meanwhile...keep dreaming.
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    Friends...haven't I read somewhere that you can have the H. hole components removed? No need to shun the 642...just have it modified to be the way it should be. Am I wrong here??

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzQkr View Post
    S+W started putting an internal locking system on their revos quite some time ago. A small round key fits into the lock just above the cylinder latch. In their corporate eyes, it was a politically correct move for S+W. The liberals of Mass decided [ more specifically the AG ] and passed a law that certain requirements would be met for any pistol to be sold in that state.
    Maryland also requires a lock, if it isn't internal like the S&W you are forced to spend about $40 on an internal lock. Even though I have about $160 worth of them in a drawer someplace I can't tell you how they work since they have never seen the inside of any of my pistols.

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    Lock is baggage. Smith & Wesson revolvers not equipped with the lock will never suffer lock related failures.

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    In case you are wondering, it will take your gunsmith about 5 minutes to remove all of the internal lock components. It does not affect the operation of the gun at all. An argument could be made that it is a prudent modification to a self defense pistol if the lock is not required in your state, since there have been well documented problems with them. We remove them all the time and I don't charge for the work anymore. You may be asked to sign a waiver reference voiding your warranty depending on your gunsmith's policies. FWIW, the only S&W I have with a lock had the parts removed before I bought it used.

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    Yea, I keep reading the new "talking points" of the S&W fanboys; "Just remove the lock".

    Why go to the trouble? I can buy real S&W's without the lock, and simply use them with no worries.

    If I wanted to pay more than a handgun was worth, then take it home, take it apart, remove parts, and tweak it to be reliable before I could use it, I'd get a Kimber 1911. Regards 18DAI.

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