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Thread: Porting?

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    I have a S&W Model 637 snubnose revolver. I carry it as one of my pocket guns. The snubbie has been noted as being a "kicker" when firing it. I can control it pretty well, but I start wondering if I sent the gun out to be ported, if it would reduce muzzle flip and perceived recoil? Thoughts and/or opinions would be greatly appreceiated.

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    You'll get a LOT of folks saying to NEVER port a defensive weapon because of hot gases, flash, etc. I don't have a ported weapon so I can only say that after researching it extensively I've come to the conclusion that on a range gun it would be GREAT and it looks cool too! On a defensive weapon I will load down to a manageble level of flip and recoil or I'll change caliber or guns to achieve what I need. HOWEVER, I think in a true defensive situation porting may cause some issues but if it doen't prevent you from defending yourself you might be willing to accept some risk.

    They are louder, there's more risk of a burn if you're "bad breath" close and firing, and some say they can do more to affect night vision but then MANY argue that those negatives are over stated.

    I have a Ruger SP101 w/3" barrel. If you go to Gemini Customs website and look at how they port those models you'll see what I would LOVE to have a ported gun, plus I think it would be a lot of fun to shoot, but for "all business" CCW, I stick with the basic gun, no porting, nothing fancy.

    I'm looking forward to reading responses from the folks who have a ported weapon!

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    I have had ported guns in the past, and I'd pass on ever getting another unless its some sort of exotic beast of a hunting pistol. Its just not worth it IMO.
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    I have a 637...why not just use a lighter load?

    If you have an opportunity, shoot 'any' ported pistol from retention...right out of the holster at hip level...and shoot as if the BG were standing right in front of you. You'll quickly understand why you would not want a SD pistol to be ported. In that type of a situation, you'll not realize any kick, sound, or flash, but I still wouldn't want to get a tan from the ported pistol flash...OMO.

    Others may have a different opinion.

    Stay armed...without porting...stay safe!
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    With most snubbies, you're shoving it somewhere, and recoil won't be noticed. If you have distance, ideally, you have:
    • escaped/evaded
    • dowloaded your carry loads
    • gotten a mid-size auto or larger frame revo

    Porting will make things uncomfortable for you from almost any retention position.

    I can shoot a 640 with .357 mag loads accurately and rapidly for the first cylinder with boot grips. I can shoot a G19 accurately and at speed all day, any day, on demand, so...

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    Don't port. I did it to a nice .40 pistol and have regretted it. I should have just sold the gun and gotten one in a more manageable caliber---or used lighter bullets than the standard 180 grain.

    It is fine for the range, and it might be OK for the bedside, but I wouldn't want it for a carry gun due to the risk of burns if used from a retention position.

    I think porting has its place; and don't oppose it. It just isn't best for a carry gun.

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    I f the recoil affects you that much you may have "to much gun" porting increases noise levels tremendously, the flash can be blinding, all of these not good in a SD situation. Plus after 15-20 rounds the front sight will be black. I have a ported 7mm mag hunting rifle, but would never want a ported handgun. Just my .02 YMMV

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I have had ported guns in the past, and I'd pass on ever getting another unless its some sort of exotic beast of a hunting pistol. Its just not worth it IMO.
    Same here.


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    No porting for me. Stuff should only be coming out of the muzzle and not flinging upward from somewhere around the front sight.

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    Porting a no no for carry!

    Porting is great if you want to shoot major in comp. you need hi p gas to make it work any way.
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    I had a Taurus large frame .357 4" revolver that had a ported barrel from the factory. Honestly while it looked cool to shoot, I didn't notice much in the way of helping muzzle jump (gun was pretty heavy and quite controllable). However, that gun was LOUD to shoot. If you didn't have hearing protectiong when you shot it, your ear drums would literally be hurting after several rounds.

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