I just received my M&P 45 Compact this afternoon and quickly took it to the range to see if it shoots as good as my other M&Ps. I'm happy to report that it does and is now my favorite 45 for CCW. I shot the following without a hitch and the pistol shot to the point of aim with 230gr loads.
100 rnds Winchester White Box 230gr FMJ
25 rnds Speer Gold Dot 230 gr HPs
25 rnds Federal 230gr HST HPs
25 rnds Winchester 230 gr. Ranger "T" HPs
25 rnds of very old Speer 230 gr. Flying Ashstrays
The M&P was a pleasure to shoot and very comfortable. I tried all 3 backstraps and settled on the small. I own a full size 9mm, a compact 9mm and a full size 45 M&P. The new compact is the best one yet, I have large hands and this one feels perfect.
S&W has a promotion now with a $30 rebate or 2 free magazines, naturally I opted for the free mags. I predict this is going to be one of there best sellers.