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Left-handed CCW?

This is a discussion on Left-handed CCW? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First, welcome from another North Alabamian. I too am a lefty. My EDC is a 4" 1911 with an ambi safety. My house gun is ...

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Thread: Left-handed CCW?

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    First, welcome from another North Alabamian. I too am a lefty. My EDC is a 4" 1911 with an ambi safety. My house gun is a 5" 1911 also with an ambi safety. The pistol that I usually keep under the seat of my truck is a Stoeger Cougar that has an ambi safety/decocker. My daughter shoots lefty also. Her pistol of preference is a Taurus PT 917SS with an ambi safety/decocker. Ther a lots of lefty friendly handguns out there. You just need to find the one that suits you the best.

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    I shoot with either hand.

    Right now I'm carrying a Glock 19 IWB on my left side with a 442 in my right front pocket. I like the Glocks for a left handed manuel of arms and Revolvers. With any Autoloader it's easy to use the trigger finger to depress the magazine release button, so that's a moot point as far as I'm concerned.

    My 1911's have ambi thumb safeties, and I have a "quick" way to reload a Revolver if you're interested. I've posted it online before, I'll try to find it and re-post it here.

    I don't try to find left handed "specific" weapons because 90% of the world is right handed, so it makes more sense for me to adapt to them than to try and have them adapt to me.


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    I'm a lefty and carry autos or revolvers. I've learned to adapt. Of all the guns I usually carry only the 1911s need work, in the form of an ambi safety, to be good to go. Try to find a range that rents or hang out at the range and talk up a few shooters that have what you might want. As to what to look out for... The Taurus medium autos are typically only fitted with a right hand friendly safety, their small .22/.25s and the full size guns are ambi. The Sigs 220/226/229 series are hard to work left hand only. I carry a Kel Tec in my right side back pocket (.32) as a weak side back up. When I carry it in my left pocket as a primary the mag release button is on the outside and can be bumped when sitting on a hard chair for example, and can partially drop the magazine.

    I became a fan of the Glock 19 when I broke my left hand and was right handed only for a while. Easy to shoot, high capacity, easy to finnd holsters, etc. Practice with both hands.

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    Walther PPS. Awesome, light, great mag release. I have carried 30 years - it is superb.

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    I'm a lefty and I carry a compact 1911 w/ambi safety a XD9,a Keltec P11,a 1911 fullsize w/ambi safety,the only gun that i would shy away from is any gun with a safety that is not ambidextrous or you cannot move to the opposite side to manipulate with your left thumb
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    I too am a lefty...Can you see that your not alone. I have a Springfield XD. I love it. I don't think anyone can go wrong with an XD. IMO...

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    Am lefty, here.

    For me, it's simple: a handgun must absolutely have controls I can manipulate easily.

    That's tougher than it sounds. Some pistols have a decocker, slide release or manual safety configured more for right-handers. So long as each of those controls is large enough and positioned well enough to be used by the left hand, then I'm generally fine with it. But there are precious few that meet that simple need. For me, it's not a matter of just "suckin' it up." It's quite literally a matter of being unable to manipulate most guns' controls, either due to distance for the fingers to travel or inability to generate the force necessary.

    Ones I have found to work fairly well include:
    • CZ P-01 -- Though it has a decocker on the left side of the frame, the controls are all oversized and easy to manipulate. The entire CZ 75 line is much like this. The P-01, like the 75 and variants, has a grip that's somewhat too large for me in circumference, but it works very well with the slimmer grip panels I've chosen. Minor price to pay for otherwise excellent fit and function.
    • 1911 -- Most flavors of the 1911 style pistol work very well with my lefty mitts, so long as the external manual safety is ambidextrous or routed to the right-hand side of the frame.
    • Browning Hi-Power -- If the safety is ambidextrous, it works well for me. Overall, this is probably the best fit of any gun. A classic design. Very comfortable to hold and shoot. Easy to use controls.
    • Heckler-Koch P2000 and USP -- They've got the format nailed for ambidextrous controls. Kudos to them. Trouble is, the magazine release is non-traditional, being mounted at the lower/rear of the trigger guard and thus being darned near untouchable by my left hand. Too bad, as the P2000SK is a peach, otherwise.
    • Kahr K9/MK9/PM9 -- While the edges are too sharp and the controls very hard to manipulate, the gun fits so well in my hand it's hard to ignore.

    That's about it. Very few fit my hands well. Few of those have controls my left hand can work. Can't operate the Glock controls very well. SIGs are out for the same reason. Can't easily use the controls on the Springfield XD, nor the S&W M&P pistols. Give me a big "fatty" 1911-style slide release every time, put in the proper place (ie, correct angle for my finger to work it).

    I prefer avoiding the cylinder width of revolvers, and I don't like having so few rounds. So, that pretty much means: pistols. I prefer no external manual safety. I'll tolerate a decocker. I must have all controls work with my left hand. For me, of all guns I've ever touched, the CZ P-01 comes as close to perfection as I've found. A bit thick to conceal, a bit thick around the grip, but otherwise very good. YMMV.

    So. Which will work for you? Dunno. Some of the above are good choices, IMO. That is, so long as they fit your hand, you can operate the controls easily, and you can see yourself carrying it daily.

    Have fun in the search!
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    I'm not a lefty, but my Bersa Mini FireStorm in .45 cal comes with ambidextrous safety and you can change the mag release button to the right side with not problems. It even has an ambidextrous slide release, so it might be something to look into. AND it's pretty concealable with just a 3.6" barrel, and 7+1 mag/chamber capacity.
    There is some info here: Firestorm MINI 9, 40, 45 DA Also comes in .40 S&W and 9mm versions as well. Fully usable for a left hand shooter. BTW it shoots great groups....for me, anyway.
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    I'm a Lefty and have carried alot of handguns over the years. I've settled now on 3. My Ed Brown Kobra Carry .45 w/ambi safety; Glock 27 and S&W 340 M&P. Can shoot all with the right hand if I have to, but left works just great.

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    With out reading all of the above posts, I will likely be repeating the same things. However, as a lefty myself, I have run into the same issues as you will. The hardest part will not be finding a gun you like, but finding leather that you will like.

    Any of the striker fired guns would fit the bill that you are after, since many don't have a manual safety to manipulate. Add to that, several of the other manufacturers of the metal framed guns have started noticing the wrong handed shooters and made their offerings more lefty friendly.

    Here is where it is going to be fun. Being left handed and carrying a 1911, I can not find leather locally. Instead I have to look online and in catalogs. I don't care for this method as I like to be able to put my hands on the material an see it first hand before I commit money for it. Now if I shot a Glock I could have all the holsters I wanted, but I don't. If you don't have the luxury of a full service gun shop in your area, you too will be searching the magazines, catalogs and internet for holsters.
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    I am a lefty also. My choice is Sig. I have four of the classic P series and no complaints.
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    I am lefty also.
    I do revolvers plus:
    Glock 30
    Kimber Ultra CDP
    Springfield Loaded Stainless
    Charles Daly EFS 1911
    Beretta 84
    Taurus PT92
    Ketlecs of various sizes

    If you can not find a gun to suit you amonst those, you ain't tryin' too hard.

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    First off, welcome to the Forum. I hope you'll hang around a while and make yourself at home here.

    Regarding guns, I will say, Revolvers are pretty much an ambidextrous weapon. No manual safeties and such. The cylinder release, as far as I know are almost all exclusively located on the left side of the frame. A drawback to living in a right handed world.

    Revolvers are great and reliable defensive weapons. Almost idiot proof. Their major downfall is capacity.

    Semi-automatics have the increased capacity over the revolver. So you have to look for ones with ambidextrous controls or train to use the right handed controls that are predominant on most.

    The Double Action Only and often times do not have a manual safety lever so that is a plus for left handed shooters. The striker fired polymers like the Glock and Springfield XD's also do not have manual safety levers. The plus of the XD over the Glock is they have an ambidextrous magazine release that is standard on all guns. The Glock is standard on the left side of the frame. Not a real downside, but something that requires getting familiar with through training. I'm not sure as to the other brands like the M&P or Walther and the like as I only have Glocks and XD's

    Hope this helps. Can't recommend one over the other as they are all fine guns. I do personally like the XD with the ambi magazine release as it is my BUG and usually carried weak side (left for me). My Glock is Primary and carried strong side (right for me).
    Semper Fi

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    Lefty here too. I just recently went shopping for a lefty friendly pistol. I ended up with a 1911 with ambi safty. I must say that I was biased towards a 1911 to begin with since I have wanted one for a long time, but I did make an effort to see if there was anything that felt better to me. None did and teh 1911 fit very well.

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