I Know this has been asked a 1000 Times BUT...

I Know this has been asked a 1000 Times BUT...

This is a discussion on I Know this has been asked a 1000 Times BUT... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What kind of gun would you get? (Using the below as a guide) 1) My wife will need to be able to fire it... (for ...

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Thread: I Know this has been asked a 1000 Times BUT...

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    Question I Know this has been asked a 1000 Times BUT...

    What kind of gun would you get? (Using the below as a guide)

    1) My wife will need to be able to fire it... (for home defense)
    2) It is small enough that once I get my Concealed Carry I can hide it
    3) Wont break the bank on ammo but still packs a punch...

    Ok... with these in mind... what would you guys suggest?


    Mike A!

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    Any decent compact or subcompact 9mm? Glock, Kahr, etc.?

    For revolvers, .38 Special +P? The Smith & Wessons, Ruger, Taurus?

    Good luck with whatever you choose!

    If you want to look at larger calibers: .40 S&W, .45ACP, .357 Magnum (the Remington Golden Saber has less recoil than some of the others). .44 Special is a good caliber for self-defense, but many of the revolvers chambered for it are pretty large....
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    Glock 19. A sub-compact gun is harder to shoot well, so I would stay away from the real small guns like the G26. My wife love my G19, I may just lose it one day.

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    Taurus 24/7 or its little brother Milleneum Pro. In 9MM for reduced ammo costs or 40/45 cal for big bore lovers.
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    Glock 26, or if you want a revolver, S&W 642 with CT grips.
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    Smith and Wesson J-Frame 38 special revolver is a good choice. Actually there are a bunch of options here.

    Best weapon is the one you are able to shoot accurately. It needs to fit your hand, and you are able to control it.
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    May I suggest the Ruger SP101 with a 3" barrel. The new .327 Federal Magnum caliber packs a punch without excessive recoil and is a six shot revolver. If your wife is not into shooting, this would be a good choice for her.

    This one can do double duty as a HD and CC gun. You may have to order it through your favorite gun retailer as these things sell out like hotcakes.
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    Short answer without knowing budget is Glock 30 or Ruger SP101.

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    G19 or G26.
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    Sounds like maybe your wife isn't a big shooter??...

    In that case, my opinion is to start with a revolver like the Ruger SP101, Taurus, and other models mentioned above. You simply can't beat the safety and simplicity of the revolver. One gun will lead to two sometime in the future and you can always get a semi like the Glock. I love the Glock and carry one daily. But, I wouldn't want a less experience person walking down a dark hallway with one who hasn't had lots of safety training and practice.
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    How big is your wife?
    How big are you?
    How much shooting you planning on doing, and what would you consider "breaking the bank"?

    Personally I have a 3" 629 44 Mag and can conceal it just fine. My wife can shoot it and it doesn't break my bank. However, it isn't everyone's cup of tea.
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    I'd opt for a Stainless J-Frame S&W and for cheaper practice shooting find a place in your area where you can buy decent quality .38 SPL reloads.
    Often you can can them at a real nice price per 100.
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    How much money can you spend in $
    this will let you buy reliability ,smaller size. or bigger cal.
    a mix of all three is what you need
    it starts with money
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    3" GP100


    Glock 19


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