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G23 vs G27 - Comfort?

This is a discussion on G23 vs G27 - Comfort? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have owned the G23 and now have the G26 and prefer it to the G19/23 models for concealed carry. I can carry the G26 ...

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Thread: G23 vs G27 - Comfort?

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    I have owned the G23 and now have the G26 and prefer it to the G19/23 models for concealed carry. I can carry the G26 just about anywhere. I do not use a magazine grip extension on mine as I feel it is unnecessary IMHO. If I want a longer grip, then I will buy a G19 and be done with it.

    Don't get me wrong, the G19/23 are excellent pistols, just that they will probably conceal better with some sort of a covering garment in place. I have developed arthritis in my hands and wrists, and it has become painful for me to shoot both the .40S&W and .45ACP in practice sessions.
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    I love everything about the G23 except that it is uncomfortable when I CC. I have not had a chance to look and feel a G27 in person yet as I'd be really tempted to buy one should I set foot in a store. :)

    I also know that I need a "real" belt and a holster that I;m also comfortable with.

    I have a Crossbreed IWB that though I like, wearing it would mean I need new pants. I also am returning a Highnoon Hidden Alley as it feels too "lightweight" - exactly as described by them.

    I may have to hold off on looking at the G27 until I get a new belt, and maybe a new holster. THEN I can really judge if the G23 is too big for me to CC. If I can help it, I do intend to keep the G23 and add a new gun.
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    which Glock ?

    Yes, same thickness. The real spec that effects how well it will conceal for you, is grip length. Shorter grips are less prone to stick out and print.
    I carry my G27 comfortably in an M tac.

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    For CCW I give the edge to 26/27 because with the right pants you can carry them in a pocket or ankle holster.
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    For IWB, the G27 will be just a tad more comfortable just cause its size is a bit smaller in length. But they are the same thickness.
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    I have no problems concealing my G23, and I'm not very big; only 5'-6".

    I do believe that the 27 would be easier to carry if you carry appendix, due to the slightly shorter barrel.
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    23! I don't like the 26 and 27's just a little to small for me and my hands. I love the mid size glocks 19,23,29,30!
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    i bought the 23 first and the 27 a year later. the subcompacts take a little getting used to shooting without a grip ext, i think a gap floor plate is a must. if i had to pick one just for ccw it would be the 27. i can do anything with the 27 that i can do with the 23 but in a smaller lighter package. as far as carry goes the 27 carries much better.

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    I bought the 19 first. The 26 4 years later. I've not carried the 19 since the 26 came home last fall. The 26 is easier to conceal and more comfortable for me to carry. 5'-8"/172 lbs/68 years old.

    I can do an hour praising the Glock 26. It's the practically perfect carry gun for me. I have an LCP for some situations in the summer in shorts, the rest of the time the 26 works fine.

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