G23 vs G27 - Comfort?

G23 vs G27 - Comfort?

This is a discussion on G23 vs G27 - Comfort? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a G23 that I really like, but I'm starting to think maybe I may be better off with something even more compact like ...

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Thread: G23 vs G27 - Comfort?

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    G23 vs G27 - Comfort?

    I have a G23 that I really like, but I'm starting to think maybe I may be better off with something even more compact like the G27. But, I was looking at the specs for the G23 vs the G27 and the guns seem to be the same thickness.

    If you have both the G23/G19 and the G27/G26, how much more comfortable and concealable is the smaller Glock?

    I'm also trying to find the perfect holster, but that's another thread.

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    I really don't notice that much difference between the two, and as you've already figured out, they are the same thickness and thats the most important factor for IWB carry.
    The biggest advantage of the 27 vs. the 23 is the grip length and it depends on how you carry and dress whether or not that even a factor.
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    had both. sure the g-23 is a little bigger
    but both should work for ya.
    depends on holster/chothing, etc.
    whats works best for you.
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    I am doing just the opposite. I am carrying a G26, and want to get a G19. The biggest advantage to the G26 is that I can slide it into a pocket holster, and throw it in my pocket if needed. I can also carry it on my ankle. I am not sure If I could do that with the 19 or 23. I want the 19 though because of capacity, and 90% of the time, I carry on my hip. I don't think there is much difference at all between the 2 when carrying on the hip.
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    I have a g26 and g19 and I find they are equally easy to carry iwb or owb. However, the grip and position for me is easier iwb with the g26. The biggest advantage for me is grip length. If you end up have to put the pinky extension on a g26 to fire it correctly then you might as well go with the g19. 3 currently carry the g19 for primary and a g26 as a bug.

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    I carry the G19/G26 combo daily. There is little difference between the two as far as ease of carry comfort etc. When in shorts and a light t-shirt I tend to go with the G26 in a deep IWB in the 3:00 position. With a cover garment, I tend to go with the G19 in the same location. Both are carried with a proper belt/holster/mag pouch rig. G26 made the rounds today.
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    I started with the Glock 23c, then added the Glock 19, and added the Glock 26 to go smaller almost a year ago... I find the addition of the Glock 26 to be a fantastic addition to my collection... I can shoot the Glock 26 as well as the Glock 19 at any defensive shooting distances... The Glock 26 is a little more concealable, and a little lighter to carry, since there is a little less ammo to carry... I love having the option of carrying a smaller version of the Glock 19 with all the reliability of the Glock name.

    I prefer the Pearce +0 magazine extensions on all but one of my Glock 26 magazines.
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    What exactly are your complaints on the G23? Is it not concealing well for you, uncomfortable? I have carried a 2nd gen G23 for 12+ years, I even have the Glock+2 floor plates which adds to the grip, which is the hardest part to hide. I use a Bianchi Carry loc on a good stiff Gun belt and have no problem hiding this gun under a cotton T shirt. If you don't have a quality gun belt this gun, as well as many others, can be very difficult to conceal. I truly believe the belt is every bit as important as the holster when putting together a good carry set up. If I can help answer any specific questions feel free to PM me.

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    I have a 19, 26, and 27 and 36. Currently, I'm carrying the G-36 which is roughly the size of a 19, and weighs as much as the 26. The bottom line is with any of these four guns, in a good holster aka: M-Tac slide version,(yes, they all fit in the same holster), you forget you're wearing it.

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    My G27 is the ultimate deep concealment piece. I can conceal my G19 almost as well, and with a little shift in positioning, it's very comfortable, and I use the same holster for both IWB under a plain t-shirt without under shirt! All basic models of the Glock pistols are the same thickness for the 9mm and 40cal, G17, 19, 26 and G22, 23, 27, and I'm sure the same goes for the 357sig models as well. If it came right down to it, and I were you, I'd try to hold on to the G23 instead of trading it for the G27 outright...then hopefully get the G27 to be it's companion. All of the Glock sizes fit me very well, but the medium or 'compact' is the best IMO. I started with the full size G17 and G22 and then went to the other end and got a G27 for summer carry. This year I picked up my first mid size G19 and realized exactly what I'd been missing. Now I'm pretty much leaning to the notion I really need a G23 to make myself complete! Good luck with it all and just remember.......................................... .

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    I have all 4 models. The 19/23 are great all round weapons for size and concealability. The 26/27 conceal a little easier. My personal perferance is a G30. They all work and they are all great. What feels the best to you?????
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    I now have the 27 - sold my 23 to my brother. The 27 does conceal better - the grip area is just a little shorter. The grip length & thickness are what affects concealment the most. I added the pinkie extension for better control/grip on the 27. I would just keep my 23. If you need something for greater concealment - go with the Kel-Tec PF9. That gives me options for just about all my needs.

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    Thave the 26/19 pair. I am 5'7" and for me the added bulk of the maybe 1/2" longer dust cover on the G19 just buggs me to dealth!

    I can wear the G26 all day, no printing IWB and forget its there. The G19, IWB just doesnt wear well for me and the added grip does print more.

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    I own both guns. I carried the G-23 for over a year. Last summer there were numerous days that I didn't carry because it was hard to conceal. In may of this year I found a G-27 & I decided to give it a try.

    As others stated- the width is the same, but I found the G27 to be quite a bit more concealable. The barrel or length of the gun doesn't really matter in concealment if you IWB carry, but the grip of the gun is the noticable part. In real numbers- the grip is 1/2" shorter (not much difference) but it is much easier to cover.

    The recoil is about the same and after adjusting to the chopped grip- I shoot it as well if not better than the G-23

    I have a Crossbreed "Super tuck" holster that works great for me with the G-19, 23 & now 27.
    G-23, 27, 35 (all .40)
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    I have a 27, and a 17. The only real difference is the length of the grip. I take preference to the 27 and carry all day long, and occasionally forgetting it's even there. I have an MTAC Minotour holster, and couldn't be happier.

    Glock27/ KaBar TDI/ MTAC Holster. I have more also, but this combination works well..

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