Walther PPS vs. Springfield EMP?

Walther PPS vs. Springfield EMP?

This is a discussion on Walther PPS vs. Springfield EMP? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thought that might be a nice discussion for which to prefer for carry. Since both come in 9mm and .40 there shouldn't be any 9mm ...

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Thread: Walther PPS vs. Springfield EMP?

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    Walther PPS vs. Springfield EMP?

    Thought that might be a nice discussion for which to prefer for carry. Since both come in 9mm and .40 there shouldn't be any 9mm vs. .40 tangents, but it's OK if there is.
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    The EMP is much more refined and smooth. IMO, the PPS leaves a lot to be desired for its price range.
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    I don't care for the mag release on the PPS, other than that I would need to handle and hopefully shoot both guns side by side in order to make my decision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Air,Land&Sea View Post
    Thought that might be a nice discussion for which to prefer for carry. Since both come in 9mm and .40 there shouldn't be any 9mm vs. .40 tangents, but it's OK if there is.
    The Wife owns and carries the 9mm EMP, although I try and steal it from her every chance I get. Up until yesterday I owned the 9mm PPS. Based on shooting and carrying both I agree with Sixto. Having fired both I'll try to give you what I see as the pros and cons of each.

    PPS : Feels like a toy that will break at any moment. I put 500 rounds through mine and it and it never broke but it just feels cheap. After the first 150 rounds I had no issues with the gun handling any types of ammo. The first 150 rounds it was very picky and only liked Winchester white box. All other ammo I ran through it would cause the gun to not go into battery at least 1 time per magazine, I experienced this with both magazines that came with the gun. After the first 150 rounds the gun was cleaned and oiled and I never had a problem with it after that. The gun is thin, I mean really thin. It's very easy to conceal this gun. The grips dig into my hands when I shoot it, and I've got average size hands(maybe a little smaller than average size). The Wife has small hands and had the same complaint. Granted the gun is designed for concealed carry and comfort in shooting isn't critical in a carry gun, but it was not a fun gun to shoot. The biggest complaint I had with the PPS and the reason I got rid of it is the magazine release. It's under the trigger guard and you engage it by moving your trigger finger down to the bottom of the trigger guard and push down on the release bar. Two things about this mag release bother me, the first is that your trigger finger comes very close to the trigger while engaging the mag release, this made me extremely uncomfortable as I do not like my trigger finger that close to the trigger unless I intent to fire the gun. This is a personal thing so your mileage may very. Second I'm use to the magazine release being on the frame behind the trigger guard, what I consider the normal place, and I found myself trying to hit the mag release in the wrong location every time I practice mag changes with the PPS. Since all the other handguns I shoot and carry have the mag release in the correct (for me) location I was not willing to get use to the location on the PPS.

    EMP : The Wife and I have had no problems with it and it's seen 500 rounds of Hornady TAP and range ammo. It's a great gun. If you're use to 1911s it'll feel like an old friend in your hand. The EMP is a little bit bigger than the PPS, it's a little bit longer in the grips and thicker as well. The EMP is still a small gun and conceals well. It's a fun gun to shoot and feels great in the hand. The only con I can say about the EMP is it's a $1000 gun, it's expensive. But you get what you pay for. For $1000 you get a small 1911 based 9mm handgun that just works and feels like it will last a long time. The Wife loves her's and carries it with her when ever she can so to me it was money well spent. She has small hands and says that it feels the best in her hands out of any of the guns she's tried or fondled at guns shows and stores.In fact, I like the EMP so much that I'm currently saving to buy one of my own.

    To sum up, I regret buying the PPS and sold it because I did not like the mag release. I wish I would have bought an EMP instead.

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