Would you trust this gun with your life?

Would you trust this gun with your life?

This is a discussion on Would you trust this gun with your life? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am getting my CCW in about a week and was wondering if you would trust a Springfield XD-40 Sub-Compact to carry around? I have ...

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Thread: Would you trust this gun with your life?

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    Would you trust this gun with your life?

    I am getting my CCW in about a week and was wondering if you would trust a Springfield XD-40 Sub-Compact to carry around? I have not bought one yet(next week) and wanted to know what everyone else thought. This gun fits so well in my hand, and from what I have read is super realiable. I would like to get a Glock but can
    t get used to the grip..

    If you don't like this gun please tell me why and what would you carry instead. I would like something small in .40 cal

    Thanks in advance

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    It will do just fine

    I have an XD-40 service model (4" barrell) with a little over 1000 rds through it. I have never had any reliablity problems. I would trust my life to this firearm.

    Its hard to beat 25 total rounds of 40 cal when you carry an extra magazine.

    The only thing that I do not like about this weapon is that it is a pick up and shoot weapon. I prefer weapons that have an external safety like a 1911. I know this is a whole other discussion.

    I also really like the new option of the magazine that has the extended grip for the compact XD's.

    I say buy the gun, a good holster, belt, and spare magazine carrier, and carry it.

    And of course shoot it lots.

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    Hi, Sigma. I know what you mean about the Glock grips - never could get used to 'em mahself! I am used to old warhorses like Browning Hi Powers and 1911s, which have a grip angle different from the Glocks, and I just seem to hit a bit too high with the Glocks, I think because of the grip angle. So, rather than trying to teach "new tricks" to my "old-dog" self, I just stick with what already works well for me. I do seem to do okay with the Sig semi-autos though too - I have had a couple of P220s and a P239, and I was able to shoot them both pretty well.

    One of the things that caught my eye was where you said, "This gun fits so well in my hand ..." Springfield is a manufacturer with a good reputation for turning out good-quality firearms, and it oughta be completely reliable. The fact that it feels good to you will likely help you shoot it well, not just because it feels good, but also because you will have confidence in it. I know that in my own experience (which is more with rifles than handguns), I seem to hit better with rifles I have a history with - those that just feel natural, and then put the little round ball where I intended.

    If you can, you might try to find a range or a person who has one of these pistols that you can rent or borrow to try out. If there's no way to do that, then I still bet that the fact that you are already so sold on the Springfield XD enough to post what you said about it, I'd say ...

    "Go Get It!"

    ... and as previously mentioned, shoot it alot, and several hundred-rounds worth through the pistol and your carry magazines with the ammo you intend to carry BEFORE you actually start carrying it for keeps.

    "You may not know it, but there's things that gnaw at a man worse than dyin'."

    Charles Travis Postlewaite, 1882

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    I'm not going to do the PLASTIC joke or anything. But if you ask me you are already half way there with your choice. You like the gun, it feel's good in your hand, you want a small size in a .40 cal! etc.

    My opinion is get the XD cause you like it and you will be comfortable with it. That is the easy part, next you need to shot it, a lot! I mean put at least a 1000 rounds through it to make sure it is a reliable piece, if after 1000 rounds you have had complete reliability with the gun then by all means put it in a holster and trust it.

    You don't need us to tell you to buy the gun, the XD's and Glock's are known to be reliable but after all they are highly massed produced gun's that can and will fail at anytime cause it could have been assembled by a guy on Friday that needed to get his quota out the door.

    So, I am not a plastic gun fan, I am a 1911 guy! one's that aren’t mass produced, the high dollar gun's like Wilson, Baer, Brown, Nighthawk and the like along with full custom gun's. Expensive? yes! but it is what I want, what I like and want to shoot, are made by skilled craftsmen and I trust my life with them hand's down.

    Congratulations on becoming a CCW permit holder, with that comes much responsibility so I think that more training is more important than a $2,000.00 gun is at this point. The XD is a perfect starting gun.


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    yes i would and have trusted my self to a xd subcompact but a 9mm not a 40

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    The question is how well can you shoot the weapon. I'd take all the pistols I'm interested in and shoot them.
    Any top quality firearm, well maintained and practiced with will work.
    Remember keep the lesson from Tacoma mall, maintain and practice with something you feel good with.

    “The highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms”. General George Patton—US Army

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    I would not trust any gun to the degree that I would carry only one.

    I would be willing to put the XD in the mix, after it had proven itself.

    The key will be your ability to shoot the gun well.
    Keep the shotgun handy!!

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    Non XD owner here but by all accounts very worthy of consideration - and if it feels good in hand well - that counts for a lot. I mean, really it's a ''Springer Glock'' - sort of

    Only point I'd make - having read it so often - care with sweat or moisture on slide as it seems corrosion gets hold real quick. Maybe CLP wipe, Boeshield - something to maintain protection under carry conditions.

    Glad your CCW is imminent.
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

    "To own a gun and assume that you are armed
    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!."

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    nice gun, nothing wrong with .40 S&W. Might consider getting the compact 4" model instead. If ya can shoot both , then decide which size fits ya better. Same problem for me with the Glock grip angle. Wish they fit me better, I would own 1.

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    Every guy and gal here either did this prior or after the purchase I will save you the heartache and advise you to do it now: Think about where you go, the crime in your area, Think about your daily activities, and decide which gun will best fit you as a CCW. Then after you buy that, then buy some toys or some stuff you can carry every now and then. Immediately get a good belt. I am soon to buy a good belt. I started out with my SW 637 snubnose , a fobus holster and Garrison belt. The Garrison belt is getting old and time to get something better. Start with a good belt trust me.
    Listen, Think and React.....Nuff Said.....

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    I think the gun you're considering is an excellent weapon. I'd suggest you look at the Kahr P40 as an alternative. I also think the XD felt great but the Kahrs feel the same kind of great. The one advantage of the Kahr is a much slimmer width that aides in concealability but you sacrifice capactiy to get the thin, so you end up with 7+1 with the regular mag and 8+1 with the spare mag (it has an extended base). I also like that the Kahr has no safeties and no magazine safety, i.e., when the magazine is out, the gun will still fire the round in the chamber. I personally think this is a great feature for a tactical reload.

    I love the 1911's but find the simplicity and carry features of the Kahr line to be superb.

    Good luck on your purchase.....


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    My primary CCW weapon for several months now has been the XD40 Service. I don't "love" the gun or the caliber but I do like it and I like how well it works for me and I have since sold off my other semiautomatic pistol to get a second XD40. I'm quite pleased with both of them and having two is very convenient.

    I've considered the compact. I don't really like it because it's kind of an awkward size to me, but if I was in the right mood and found the right deal I'd get one. But I don't doubt its reliability or quality. It's an XD after all, it's just not the size I personally care for. My criticism of it is much like my criticism of Glock pistols, it's particular to me and very subjective.

    So yes I do trust it with my life and I do so every day. I have had one misfire but it was with some extremely shoddy ammunition which I expected to cause problems and guess what it did. To be fair to the gun however a tap rack bang cleared it as quick as you can snap your fingers. I was quite pleased with myself for reacting with the malfunction drill so quickly when it happened. It shows I'm getting used to the firing platform.

    What I would advise you do however is go run some ammunition through it and test out your gun and its magazines with a couple hundred rounds of ammunition to make sure your particular XD40SC is okay.

    And while the XD may be in the same vein as the Glock as far as being so darn reliable it's boring, the design is appreciably different. The grip safety and single action firing mechanism not to mention the fact that it points naturally differentiate it from other guns.

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    have one

    and I love it. very accurate and not much kick for a 40. I have the XD40SC. Hide it in a Tucker the Answer holster.


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    The XD is a proven gun from what I've seen. Each one needs to be rung out itself though. Get the gun, learn how to shoot it and don't buy another until you reach your next level in training. You'll know when you are there, because the gun will not matter anymore.

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    I have a HS2000 in 9mm.Finish is'nt the best but other then that I have never had a problem.Glock is my choice for CCW but I would trust a XD.Just dont buy a Sigma.

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