Need Concealed carry gun suggestions...

Need Concealed carry gun suggestions...

This is a discussion on Need Concealed carry gun suggestions... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello all... Though I don't carry a gun outside of my property here (live too close to Chicago that carry a gun outside of my ...

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Thread: Need Concealed carry gun suggestions...

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    Need Concealed carry gun suggestions...

    Hello all... Though I don't carry a gun outside of my property here (live too close to Chicago that carry a gun outside of my land becomes an inconvenience), I do usually carry either my P-1 (9-mm) or my Mauser 1910 (25 ACP) while mowing the lawn or in the woods on my property due to wild animals... Both guns are very reliable and sufficiently accurate, but the 1910 cuts my hand and the P-1 is too long. Consequently, I am in the market for a new pistol.

    I like the Mauser 1910 because it is easily concealable, very reliable, accurate, and lightweight. Unfortunately, the 25 ACP is a little small for my needs and the gun does cut my hand sometimes.

    The P-1 is an excellent pistol, I like its looks, the 9-mm ammo seemed large enough, its well balanced for me, and it is sufficiently accurate. I especially like the hook with the rope on the handle that hooks to my belt if the gun drops. Unfortunately, the gun seemed a little heavy to hold (especially after making many turns on a 5000# machine without power steering!!) and is a little difficult to draw from the holster. Also, the holster easily snags on the seat.

    My requirements for a replacement pistol is as follows:

    1. 9-mm for ammo consistency
    2. Easier pistol draw (minimal snag) than the P1
    3. Lighter than the P1 preferred.
    4. Shorter barrel so the holster don't snag.

    I had a chance to go to a gun store and took a look at the Sig 250 and the Walther PPS. Unfortunately, they both looked lighter than they really are and felt heavier than the P-1. I also took a look at the Walther P22, it is light and feels great, but it is only 22 cal. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to see how they felt for shooting and they did not have the Sig P239 that I have heard a lot of complements about.

    Due to the fact that I do not have easy access to a gun store when they are open and the fact that the gun store does not allow perspective buyers to test shoot example shooters; I am kind of limited to seeking opinions for a list of guns to look at the store and basically hope that whichever gun I get is good. Any opinion is appreciated.

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    I would consider a Glock or Springfield XD in a 9mm compact model.

    Also, if on a severe budget, check a Taurus compact in 9mm.
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    A Glock-26 is exactly what you need. Tucked into a Fist IWB with a clip and body'll be good to go!

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    Check out Glock or S&W. I hear Springfieled is nice too.

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    I bought a Kahr CW9 because it is light weight, single stack and easy to conceal. It's a nice little gun and I've never had a problem with it.
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    Glock...either a 19 or a 26.
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    Sounds like a Glock 26 is the ticket or if you want to spend a little more, a Kahr PM9.

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    +1 on the Kahr PM9. You can forget you're wearing it the pistol is so small and light.
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    I agree a Glock is in your future!!!

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    Many choices

    Previous posters have mentioned some good 9mm choices from Glock, Kahr and Sig. Your choice probably will depend on how they fit your hand and shoot for you. I have 9mm guns from all three makers, and they are quality brands.

    The Sig P239 is a good choice in 9mm, as it is small enough to be easy to carry and conceal, but has enough weight (27.5 ounces empty) to be easy to shoot well. The gun also has an excellent reputation for reliability. This is mine, which I like to carry:

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    That Sig of Pogo2's looks really nice! +1

    I have the XD9sc and really love it!
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    XD9, or what you have will work fine if you are willing to wear a heavier/thicker belt with a good holster.

    The weight of a pistol should be distributed throughout your entire waistline and many times an off the shelf belt just won't cut it.

    Your P-1 is right at 28 oz, where the XD9 is 25 oz. Hardly a huge difference. The G19 comes in at 24 oz empty, with another 7 for loaded.

    You can check out for specs on all the wonder 9's, but if you find 28 oz too heavy, there is a good chance that changing your method of carry would be a better value than purchasing a new gun.

    However, whatever reason you use to decide on buying a new gun is always a good reason.
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    XD 9mm service or sub-compact.

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    That P239 is a great choice and so is the G26. The G26 might have a slight edge in total capacity but the P239 is a tad slimmer. I think you would be happy with either.

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    Does the Glock 19 seem a little more comfortable to use than the 26 model? The handle seemed a tad short for me when I tried a 26 yesterday - I was unable to try 19 . Is a 19 much harder to conceal than a 26?
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