Has anyone shot the Sig P250?

Has anyone shot the Sig P250?

This is a discussion on Has anyone shot the Sig P250? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The new Sig P250 has caught my eye. I have never shot a Sig or know anything about them other than reputation. Has anyone shot ...

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Thread: Has anyone shot the Sig P250?

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    Has anyone shot the Sig P250?

    The new Sig P250 has caught my eye. I have never shot a Sig or know anything about them other than reputation.

    Has anyone shot the Sig P250 using more than one configuration whether a caliber change or grip change?

    What are your thoughts of the pistol in general or after changing the configuration.

    In buying your very first Sig... Would you opt for a different model or give this one a try?

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    Yeah, I've shot one. I wasn't all that impressed with it. It felt rather clunky but it did function fine. Size changes were easy and didn't seem to affect performance to the positive or negative, I really didn't mess around with grips, I'm not a fan of the interchangeable back strap fad. I only tested the 9mm.
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    I have one, nice gun. Haven't tried changing the configeration though.
    When I took the CCDW class the LEO instructer only made a comment on two of the students guns, one was the S&W 44mag, which he though would be to big for CC, the other was my P250 which he though would be a good for CC. During the intermission he asked me the same question you did about changing the caliber, I only had the gun a couple days and didn't even know you could do that.
    Here is a thread about the P250 from a couple weeks ago.
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    I haven't even seen one to shoot yet.

    Are they getting out there yet?
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    Shoots fine for me. Cheaper to shoot than my G30. The problem is the lack of fine leather holsters.

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    I really like mine! I bought the second one my gun shop/range sold. It was my first Sig (others have joined the ranks since that purchase . I wanted a 9mm, the thing felt great in my hand & i really liked the trigger...no need to change a thing IMO.

    I've probably run 2500 rounds through the thing without a single problem.

    I'm rolling around the idea of giving IDPA a try. If I do, the P250 will be the pistol I use.

    I agree that good holsters are hard to come by for the P250 at this point in time.
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    I've held one, for me it felt blocky or chunky, however you wish to put it. Wasn't any different then a glock, xd, mp, sigma except in price. Just my opinion.
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    Handled one a few weeks ago (9mm Compact) and was truly impressed.

    As a person who carrries a European made sub compact 9mm on a daily basis.

    I now want to wait (not really!) and see what the Sub-Compact P250 will be like.

    They have some tiny pics of them in the 2008 catalog. Look promising.
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    Hi, mine is a bit blocky, but it is utterly reliable and inheriently accurate. It is also easy to hide in a Don Hume IWB so you don't have to spend a lot to carry it comfortably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martial Archer View Post
    I really like mine! I bought the second one my gun shop/range sold.
    And who would this shop be
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    Anyone have an idea of costs? I'm thinking I'd like to get a 9mm subcompact and then be able to change to 45.

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