J frame owners.....wood boot grips?

J frame owners.....wood boot grips?

This is a discussion on J frame owners.....wood boot grips? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For concealed carry Im looking at some wood boot grips like the ones linked below... how do you guys that have this type like them ...

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Thread: J frame owners.....wood boot grips?

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    Question J frame owners.....wood boot grips?

    For concealed carry Im looking at some wood boot grips like the ones linked below... how do you guys that have this type like them ? How much slicker than the rubber type do you find them to be?

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    These are my new Eagle Secret Service J frame boots in rosewood. I scored them off of eBay for $40. These replaced the factory Uncle Mikes rubber boots. These grips are great and I am glad I got them. I considered getting Spegel grips but I like the lower profile of these, especially for pocket carry. I'd say hold out for a good set of woods and try to avoid the laminates like the one you have linked to.

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    Those grips look nice.
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    Got these off Ebay and love them.... smooth, don't grab clothing but still can grip the gun plenty good..

    Replaced with these (Altamount grips if I remember right) as they fit the gun better, the checkering does little to improve the grip over the smooth grips, but they look nice and they still do not grab clothing. Either type is a good bet for you. Pick what you like and go with it...

    ONE THING to keep in mind as you order is size. If you get oversized grips (back strap covered or grip extends below bottom of back strap) the pistol will not pocket carry nearly as well. Good luck and good shooting...


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    Love the look of wood grips. I bought a set of rosewood Badgergrip boot grips for my 642. Took 642 to range to try to settle on carry ammo. The short of it: no matter what I shot, it hurt like hades! I put on Pachmyer Compacs and fired same series. All could be handled well for repeat shots. I did not experience this problem when I switched grips over to Model 60 (which now wears the badgergrips. The Compacs are harder to conceal (I carry pocket) but I wear pants modified by seamstress to have long reinforced right pockets so I have no problem. Since I fire whatever I carry every two weeks, I like a little comfort. I also am of the 5 shots fast school, so I want to be able to recover quickly.
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    Ahrends are good

    I am a fan of Ahrends grips and have a number of them. Here is a photo from the website of their J frame boot grips in cocobolo wood:

    Ahrends website - revolver grips

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    I like the eagle grips myself.
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