The rabid 1911?

The rabid 1911?

This is a discussion on The rabid 1911? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I knew I was going to had some dead time on the clock, but away from work, so I picked the latest issue of "American ...

View Poll Results: Do 1911s bite that bad with no extended beavertail?

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  • I wouldn't shoot a 1911 without a beavertail.

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Thread: The rabid 1911?

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    The rabid 1911?

    I knew I was going to had some dead time on the clock, but away from work, so I picked the latest issue of "American Handgunner." Mike Venturino had an article in there on how some of our "favorite" guns weren't all that great. He gave examples on how his modern S&W revolvers will outshoot all of his Triple Locks and other S&W products from yesteryear.

    Toward the end, he took a swipe at the 1911. He attacked it for the sights and the lack of a beavertail. I agree with him on the sights, and would have agreed if he had talked about the days when you couldn't buy a 1911 that worked out of the box. However, I thought his absolute statement that he didn't know anybody who didn't get hammer bite from a stock 1911 was a little over the top. He said 1911, but a little later in the article, it seemed as if he included the A1 as well.

    What say you?
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    Dont know,never had one bite me,but I do know that in a fight I would choose a rabid pit bull over a Chihuahua any day !

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    If you are getting bit by a 1911 then you are obviously doing something wrong. I have never been bit by my 1911A1. And my hands engulf my full size 1911 and make it look like I am holding a compact 3" 1911.
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    I've been bit a few times with a standard 1911, it happens when you have meaty hands. Most modern 1911's sold now have some sort of beavertail, it its almost a non issue.
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    It can leave a mark

    I have Colt 1911s of different eras, and the older ones have a long hammer and a narrow "tang" on the grip safety, as shown on the Gold Cup below:

    If I shoot one of these very much, I tend to develop a red mark on the web of my hand between thumb and forefinger. The tang is being driven into the skin by the force of the hammer hitting it as the gun cycles. On my newer 1911s with a full beavertail this doesn't happen.

    I recently had a gunsmith convert a Series 80 Gold Cup from "tang" to beavertail, using Wilson Combat parts - a new hammer and matching grip safety. This is shown below, and it is much more comfortable in shooting:

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    My S.A. Micro-Cmpact G.I. model will draw blood on me regularly. It bites like a rabid chihuahua. it snaps, pinches, and you bleed, no 2 ways around it. The full-size 1911 G.I. doesn't bite nor make me bleed. and My Kimber with its beavertail is a dream to shoot.
    It must be the shorter barrel with its exagerrated muzzle flip that makes the Micro bite as bad as it does. I actually have a scar from shooting the Micro so often. It would just get close to being healed from the last shooting day & a week or 2 later I would go shooting and start the healing process all over! So a full season of that took its toll and left a scar.
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    I used to have a Springfield Mil-Spec 1911, and every time I shot it, the grip safety would dig into the web of my hand during recoil. I ended up selling it, and am now looking at a Springfield Loaded or Smith & Wesson 1911. Then I shot a guy's Dan Wesson Bobtail Commander, and the beaver tail really made a difference. I won't shoot a 1911 without a beaver tail anymore.
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    I am one of those folks that gets hammer-bit by a standard 1911. I also get bit by a standard Hi-Power, as well.

    It doesn't keep me from shooting them, however...but I do prefer Commander-style hammers or beavertail safeties on them.
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    Not yet anyway, even with this basic Springfield G.I.


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    Not me, but as my 8 year old daughter says, I have dinky little girl hands...... One of the reasons I like a single stack 1911 so much.
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    Put me in the bitten category. I don't have fleshy hands, but I use a high grip since I got started with a beavertail. The first time I shot one with a short tang I got a bloody little mark behind my thumb. Beavertails qualify as one of the few true improvements to the design IMO.
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    I've never owned a beavertailed 1911, and have never been bit, nor has anyone I have let shoot my 1911's.
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    My 1991a1 Commander doesn't bite me, it has an extended tang so the hammer can't contact my hand, but that extended piece is rather sharp. After 75-100 rounds the web of my hand has been cut or gouged. A beavertail is high priority on my list of modifications.

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    so it could be said...

    chicks dig scars, and 1911s DIG scars!

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    I have been bitten once, the pistol had the long spur hammer and short M1911 (not the M1911A1) grip safety.
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