Glocks Safe?

Glocks Safe?

This is a discussion on Glocks Safe? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I bought a G30sf today to be my EDC (whenever my license comes in ) and I like it but after looking it over and ...

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Thread: Glocks Safe?

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    Glocks Safe?

    I bought a G30sf today to be my EDC (whenever my license comes in ) and I like it but after looking it over and thinking about it I have to wonder about how safe it is. I know it has all the safeties stop it from being fired if it is dropped and stuff like that. A 1911 style pistol has a light trigger of about 5lbs or less but has a external safety. A Sig style pistol doesn't have an external safety but has a 10lbs DA trigger pull that makes it harder to have an AD or ND. But, the Glock has a light trigger pull (5.5 lbs) and no external safety. Do you feel that Glocks are safe?

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    Just cause I am up and reading this I will stick in my 2 cents. I dont have a glock yet but will be getting a g19 in the next month. A glock is very safe.........Are you? I would suggest carrying around your house with a snap cap in the chamber. I did this with my first 1911 and it built confidence. Follow the 4 rules of gun handling and the glock will be your best friend.

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    I feel safer firing a Glock or a Revolver then I do any other handgun (esp in SD, but that SD situation has never been tested for me).

    The safety is different on almost every firearm. For me, this has always caused me some fumbling as I get set to shoot. I also worry about relying on the safety. A safety is a a must have, for me, for a rifle. I spend time practicing with the safety. I guess I would do the same with a handgun, but was always concerned, since I am not trained like LE, a safety might be my death in a SD situation.

    I carry a Glock, one in the barrel. I am looking at a J-frame S&W. I will carry with a full chamber. Neither has what some would call a "safety." Glock does have a lighter trigger.

    #1 Carry in a holster.
    #2 Be careful how / when you re-holster.

    Train, train, train, not to put your finger in the trigger guard / on the trigger until you are ready to fire. I'm no expert, but clearly practicing finger placement is just proper training with any firearm.

    If I felt this was not enoughh, I would just not carry with one in the barrel for the Glock, though it provides a big disadvantage in SD.

    I have seen a safety that placed a piece of plastic behind the trigger. You push out the plastic before (as) you pull the trigger. I though about this for a minute and desided no.
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    I carry a Glock 36 or a Rohrbaugh R9S. Neither gun has a manually releasable safety (unless you count the trigger safety on the Glock), and I'm perfectly comfortable carrying both. A good holster is an absolute essential, and always remember that your primary safety is between your ears.

    If it makes you more comfortable, there are trigger blocks available for Glocks. They snap in behind the trigger and keep it from being pulled until the block is snapped out. The downside? They don't necessarily stay in place in a holster, and they're one more step to remember if you have to draw under stress.

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    Yes, Glocks are completely safe.

    Sounds like your comfort level is not where it should be though.

    I had the same concerns when choosing my EDC. I gravitated to the Sig line for the reasons you listed.

    YOU have to be comfortable and confident in your choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heavymetalman View Post
    Do you feel that Glocks are safe?
    Yes, of course. In my opinion, those who would ask that specific question should look at other options for their carry choices as it obviously leaves a shadow of doubt in their minds.
    You do know you can get a heavier trigger pull for the Glocks right?

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    Glock safety

    I have carried Glocks and other brands as well, and feel that control of your trigger finger is the critical factor. If you can keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target and ready to fire, you should not have a safety problem with a Glock. And I think a chambered Glock should be kept in a good holster covering the trigger guard, with some care taken in the holstering operation.

    The Glock does have the advantages of every trigger pull being the same, with no chance of forgetting to release a safety in an emergency, costing you a second or two in response time.
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    As on any firearm, it's a 'finger' thing.
    A good holster insures trigger protection. Other 'clicks and grips' insure safety, also.
    But when it all gets down to the last item...develop muscle memory with that 'finger'...

    I carry a Kimber (1911) and at times, a 'perceived' safety level is the same with both.

    Stay armed...train your finger...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Contrary to what the Brady Bunch thinks, a loaded and cocked firearm in good condition will not fire itself. Take your favorite gun, chamber a round, cock it, and put it in a place where it will remain undisturbed. The end of time will come before that gun goes off.

    That being said, carrying a gun around in a holster is a different story. Something like a retention strap or jacket draw string can get in the trigger guard while holstering and cause an ND. The less you handle it, the better.

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    A very eloquent friend of mine told me, "If you don't want it to go 'boom,' then keep your booger-hook outta the trigger guard."

    Plain-spoken, but dead-on accurate. These things go bang with amazing dependability. They do what they're designed to. It's my opinion that if you treat it with respect, and follow procedure (no finger in the trigger guard until you're on target/ready to fire, among others) you won't have any problems at all.

    Mine hasn't fired itself yet.

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    Safe? Yes. 100% safe? No. You have to do your part!

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    Absolutely. The wife and I have three. No weapon is foolproof, and no weapon is safe without practicing safe handling techniques. Remember all of the rules and it's just as safe as any other quality weapon.
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    In terms of a Glock being safe, it will NEVER go off by itself...if you manage your trigger finger you'll not have any problems!
    "It's a big gun when I carry it, it is also a big gun when I take it out” – Clint Smith

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    I carry a Glock 30sf as my EDC in a Comp Tac IWB Holster and love it. But I do admit to putting NY1 triggers in all my Glocks its a personnal choice but I do shoot better with them (Old Revolver Guy) and feel they are a little safer for me at least. Eather way the Glock 30sf is a great carry gun

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    There is nothing unsafe about the gun...the only thing is some people's gun-handling.

    And DO NOT use one of those stupid "safety blocks!" AFAIC, those things are just conditioning you to mess around near the trigger before the decision to fire has been made...ND waiting to happen.
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