Generation 1 G17 refinish??

Generation 1 G17 refinish??

This is a discussion on Generation 1 G17 refinish?? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a gen 1 G17. This was my first gun that I bought from a buddy of mine that is a LEO. I have ...

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    Generation 1 G17 refinish??

    I have a gen 1 G17. This was my first gun that I bought from a buddy of mine that is a LEO. I have checked the serial number and it was made in April 1987. This gun was his service pistol for a while. The gun shoots great and has never failed to fire or eject. The reason that I want to get it refinished is because when the LEO owned the gun he had the gun knocked out of his hand and had to kick it away across the pavment to prevent the suspect from getting to it. Therefore the slide has scraches on the right side of the gun. ( The gun still had not rusted in any spot even though I always bring it on the boat with me ) I would like to get the slide refinished in a matt silver color. If anyone knows any good places to send the gun or in the Daytona Beach or Tampa area to get this finish done I would be really greatfull. Also if anyone could recomend what type of finish would be this color and derable as well.
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    That's awesome. Have you thought about DIY? Duracote maybe? A few aftermarket coatings seem to be coming more popular and cost effective. Since you are looking specifically for matte silver, I think this would be a good option. Do a search on the internet and you might be amazed.

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    If it was me, I'd just leave it alone. The scratches make for a cool story and besides...if you're really training with it, it's gonna get banged up a's a tool.

    That said, either a hard-chrome or dura-coat finish might be what you're looking for.
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    For personal Glock refinishing:

    • Detail strip the pistol.
    • Tape off the rails & inside of receiver.
    • Blast frame with 200 grit media ("playground sand" is fine), paying special attention to holster-rub spots.
    • Slide- degrease, and heat to 200+/-* in the oven for 30 minutes.
    • Use a corkscrew to remove the firing pin channel liner.
    • Apply Stainless or Gray Parkerize Teflon/moly coat, let dry & bake.
    • You can use Duracoat, and not remove the channel liner or bake..

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    Send it to Glock to have it refinished that way it will be just like new. While it is their have them give it a check up and see if any parts need to be replaced.
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    Duracoat can go right over the parkerizing on a GLOCK without stripping it. Make sure you degrease thoroughly--I'd hit it with a non-residual brake cleaner, let it dry, and then put it in your oven at 170 for about 30 minutes.

    Shoot it with Duracoat and stick it back in for 15 minutes and you're done.

    If you fail in the prep stage, the coating will fail. If you don't, it wears like steel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike_1 View Post
    Send it to Glock to have it refinished that way it will be just like new. While it is their have them give it a check up and see if any parts need to be replaced.

    No matter what you do in the way of refinishing, the Tenifer will remain in the metal. That's why it hasn't rusted on you.
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    I have just sent the slide of my new Glock 19 into The Robar Companies Inc. for their NP3 finish. This is a matt silver gray color that is nickel with Teflon particles molecularly bonded to the nickel particles and is guaranteed for the life of the gun. You don't even have to lube the slide rails or barrel hood anymore. Their website is Robar Premium Finishing & Firearms Home Page if you are interested.
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    I've seen Duracoat on several guns at gun shows and just read the Duracoat FAQ's page at the link provided by Ram Rod.
    (Just click on the Lauer Logo in top left corner to go to home page, then the Duracoat FAQ's link will be the top link on the left hand side of page)

    I must say, I am very impressed with the Duracoat finish! I may even coat a couple of my weapons in the future.

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    bshoe, if you do decide to have your G17 finished, make sure it is done by a shop that refinishes firearms. Do not take it to a auto/motorcycle parts refinishing shop. There is a big difference in the chrome. (which I am sure someone here can explain better than I)

    For hard chrome work I would check out:

    Accurate Plating and weaponary and Ford's Refinishing

    For the stock black look I would look at:

    Glock factory, Robar, Walt Birdsong


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