Considering buying a S&W MP 40 ...

Considering buying a S&W MP 40 ...

This is a discussion on Considering buying a S&W MP 40 ... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Considering buying an MP 40. I know a little about them. I have a 1911, XD and a Glock. I held the MP at the ...

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Thread: Considering buying a S&W MP 40 ...

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    Considering buying a S&W MP 40 ...

    Considering buying an MP 40. I know a little about them. I have a 1911, XD and a Glock. I held the MP at the gun shop and found the trigger to be a tad bit on the heavy side ( vs. what I have now ). For the people that have MPs does the trigger get lighter ? And also as a carry pistol do you guys like it ? And if the MP owners on this forum can give their reasons on why they like it so much. Thanks guys input appreciated.
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    The trigger does get better. I like mine because it felt good, shot good, and they were newer and weren't everywhere (like some other brands). I had the mag drop problem (happened to some of the older M&P's) but it was fixed by S&W, and have had no problems since. I love it.
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    It is one of my two primary carry guns (the compact version in 40). The trigger does get lighter with use but you will be surprised at how constant it is which makes for easy trigger control. It has shot everything I have thrown at it and no problems.

    It also points perfectly for me like the XD does and Glock does not. I have had many non-semi auto shooters just love the gun.

    So bottom line buy it.

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    I like mine allot. 900 or so rounds through it no problems. I'd recommend the M&P to anyone.
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    My M&P FS .45 is a great feeling and shooting gun.

    Right out of the box, measured trigger pull was 11#. After ~750 rds it was ~8#.

    It could still stand a trigger job, but yes the trigger will wear in significantly with use or dry-fire.

    I bought a used M&P 9c that had a 4.5# trigger job done on it. I love it! Carry it frequently.

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    I love my FS! Has been perfect right out of the box and accurate!
    I would love to conceal carry it; but I much prefer my smaller Kahr for that job.
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    If you want a .40, get the XDM. IMO the best of the bunch!

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