Carry of the Bersa 380 Thunder

Carry of the Bersa 380 Thunder

This is a discussion on Carry of the Bersa 380 Thunder within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I sometimes carry a Bersa 380 thunder as one of my carry guns. It is carried in a holster that has a retension strap. Here ...

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Thread: Carry of the Bersa 380 Thunder

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    Question Carry of the Bersa 380 Thunder

    I sometimes carry a Bersa 380 thunder as one of my carry guns. It is carried in a holster that has a retension strap.

    Here is the Question-"It takes time to click off the retension strap,while drawing the gun and using the same hand to take off the safety. Would it be just as safe, and make more sense to leave the safety off, since the trigger is protected by both the trigger gaurd and the holster, as well as the retension strap keeping the hammer from moving ? "


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    A lot of people on here carry glocks with no manual safety so I would say as long as the trigger is covered you are all set. The safety on the my bersa certainly isn't the easiest to turn off and might even be hard in a true SD situation.
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    If you are carrying concealed and in a holster that fits your gun properly there is no need for a retention strap or to carry with the safety on. 2 of my carry guns are DA/SA decocker model guns, the other is a DA/SA manual safety model. All are carried with one in the chamber and hammer down. Safety is never engaged unless I'm shooting and stop for some reason, then I will engage the safety on that gun, or decock the others. Even in the few instances when I OC I do not use a retention strap. My holsters fit my guns well enough that I can turn them upside down and the gun will not fall out.
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    I know of a few guys who carry a Bersa with the safety off and in the "half-cocked" position. I don't carry my Bersa much since my wife took it from me, but when I do, I never carry safety on. I personally don't carry half-cockd either though. I have never had an issue with the hammer moving while holstered. Even if the hammer were to somehow become cocked while holstered, the gun would still have to be unholstered, and the trigger pressed in order to fire. Unless I am doing cartwheels, I personally see no reason for a retention strap on my holsters, but to each his own. As far as carrying the Bersa safety-off, well my 2 bersas have been carried by my wife and I over the last few years and we have never had an issue.
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    Some people treat the safety/decock on the Bersa like they would treat the decock on a Sig.

    After shooting or after chambering a round they decock the gun and then take off the safety and holster it.

    With the long first double-action trigger pull it is closer to the revolver or double-action only triggers and is safe to carry that way.. especially if you already have a holster with a retention strap.

    It's certainly an option.

    I know that on my Bersa the safety was a little hard to disengage as quickly as I would have liked. Carrying it decocked was fine for me.

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    I have been carrying a Bersa 380 for two years in a holster made for it and I do not have the safety on.I also have one in the chamber so it is ready. I have drawn with it live and empty. Get the holster for IWP and it will work for you. Good luck.

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    My Ruger P89 is the model with the manual safety, I carry it with one in the chamber hammer down with the safety off, and I have never had a problem.
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    I carried a Bersa Thunder 380 for 5 years in a IWB with a thumb break strap and the safety on. Then I bought an M&P 40C. At first it took some getting used to not having a safety but I quickly over came that. It is sociological and I over came the safety issue. Keep your finger off the trigger and it won't go off. My holster for my 40C is open also.

    When I had to send my 40C back to S&W, I carried the Bersa again and it was with the safety off because I became accustomed to no saftey. I sold my Bersa a few weeks ago but I wouldn't have any problem carrying it with the safety off. Good Luck!

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    Ummm... lots of people have drawn their weapon and in the excitement forgotten to release the safety creating a very bad sitiuation. I personally don't like safetys on handguns but if I were carrying the 380 in a holster the safety would definately be off. That long double action trigger pull from half cocked is almost like a safety anyway. Off topic but have you considered a 9mm in the same size. Something like a Kahr.

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    Always carry my thunder plus with one in the spout and safety off

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    Safety? Is that what that little lever is for???

    Just kidding. I use a safety, when the gun is out of the holster, ie. in the safe, etc. If it's holstered, it's definitely safety OFF.

    You might also want to consider losing the thumb strap. It's one of those things where most will tell you that it's not a good device for a concealed weapon. But that's not really what this thread is about.

    Definitely safety OFF.

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    I carry my Bersa with the safety on. I have done some work to it and it is now easy to put on and off safety.

    If your going to carry it with the safety off, they I would also suggest decocking it first to put it in the DA mode. The SA trigger after the round is chambered would not be my first option for carry.

    Can you do away with the retention strap or is that pretty well fixed for you holster? I don't have any on my holsters.
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    My Bersa has a safety? Seriously, with the long trigger pull, I too carry with safety off and one in the chamber, hammer down ofcoarse. No thumb strap.

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