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Help me buy another Handgun!!!

This is a discussion on Help me buy another Handgun!!! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I too would select the Glock 23. Easy enough to carry, 40 cal, powerful, light weight, and has a rail for a light....

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Thread: Help me buy another Handgun!!!

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    I too would select the Glock 23. Easy enough to carry, 40 cal, powerful, light weight, and has a rail for a light.

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    I liked the Sprinfield Operator. Its a nice full size 1911 you can get it with the rail system, as for a high capacity, carry a spare mag.

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    Glock 23 vote, it's small enough to hide easily but powerful enough to do the job. The new ones have light rails, it's easy to field strip and clean. You can even buy a 9mm barrel and mags and change it to a 9 if you want to. Buy plastic glock holster, $12 bucks and man does that thing ride high and fit snug against you. I wear mine under a tee shirt and never worry about getting made. It has been completly reliable for me, even with the 9mm conversion. If I somehow lost mine, after I stopped crying, I'd go out and buy another one without thinking twice.
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    Wink Would you really "clear" your home, alone?

    Quote Originally Posted by SnubMan View Post
    Hello All,
    I'm trying to select a new handgun that would be used as my primary home-defense gun (don't suggest a shotgun/rifle --I own them too but they are too difficult to use when clearing a house alone) and possibly serve as a carry gun. It must have a light rail, .40 or a larger caliber, hi-cap magazine (at least 12 rounds). Price is not an issue because I want the best available (might have to save for a bit longer but that's ok). So what do you think would be a good choice???
    First off, are you trained in special operations or are you an experienced SWAT officer? Because those are the only two groups of folks who should even contemplate "clearing" any building alone. I'm not trying to be harsh here, either. All Sheepdogs are going to be motivated to do exactly this by their nature. I couldn't balme you if you did it, either. I'd just be really worried about making my family fatherless.

    The most I would do and have done under actual conditions is sprinting to my daughters room after repelling an intruder trying to climb in my window in 1996. I dragged my daughter on the floor by her wrist as I ran back to the safe room (master bedroom) to wait for the cavalry. Had to hope the 145 pound Newfoundland dog would wake up if somebody had penetrated the front of the house where she used to sleep (she passed in 2002). That dog was still snoring when the cops showed up with 11 units three minutes later. When the K9 was outside she woke and started barking furiously!

    "DADDY! There is a really cute boy dog outside!"

    The reason I say this is that I was taught as an officer of infantry that you always enter any room with a well trained partner. If you go in alone, there is no way you can avoid presenting your helpless BACK to a potential threat lying in wait. Actually I was taught two other things: If possible, don't use a door at all. Instead blow a hole in a wall and enter thru that. If you must use the door, first toss in a cooked off grenade before entering.

    As far as the gun, I'd pick (using your criteria) this one: Para USA, High-Quality Handguns: Products The only thing I'd add if it already doesn't have night sights is those AND a gun light to hang on the rail.

    Beyond that, I might take a Glock M21 with the gun light previously mentioned.

    I personally use a Sig Sauer P226 in 9mm (the Blackwater Special Edition) as my dedicated HD weapon and I hang a stream light TLR-1 on the rail. I also use this as a carry gun sometimes. The TLR-1 is a quick on and off device.
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    glock 23

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    Another vote for the Sig.

    The 226 is an exellent gun but can be a bit tedious due to size.
    The 229 is a great gun, smaller and an exellent carry gun.

    If you dont like the plastic guns, Sigs beat all others hands down.
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    Yep.. Another vote for the G23 or possibly the G27
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    Glock is a good choice. So is Sig. So are several of the others mentioned.

    My railed gun is a Desert Warrior (mounted Surefire X200), plays second fiddle to a Remington 870 with a mounted TLR-1 for night time HD.

    If money wasn't an object, I'd probably go Wilson Combat with a rail, but that'd be .45 and wouldn't meet your capacity specs (the afore mentioned spare mag comes to mind). A Wislon Combat CQB without a rail is my EDC.

    As to solo room clearing, it's certainly less than ideal, especially for us untrained unwashed non pro's. But sometimes, it is the thing to do. You throw the dice and take your chances. You do what you can, you do what you must. You be as prudent as prudence allows. If possible, leave the room clearing to the pros.
    Regards, T Bone.

    "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety". Benjamin Franklin

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    Glock 22 or 21. 15 rds of .40 or 13 rds of .45 buy a good light a surefire x300 or a streamlight or insight will do.
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    Glock 23 seems to fit the bill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aphophas View Post
    Yep.. Another vote for the G23 or possibly the G27
    i will say go for the 27, i have one and LOVE it. it has a 9 round mag and one in the chamber makes 10, so its not THAT bad. if you want more, buy spares.

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    I'm picking up a S&W M&P 45. Costing me just a few penny's over $500. Comes with 3 different back straps for the grip-find the one that fits you best. Going to picking up a M&P 9mm for the wife.

    ps. As a first alert and deterent, I also like to send my 110 Rotti mix ahead of me. He seems to have an attitide problem with certain types of people.
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    I just bought my 3rd Glock, and I like them. But I absolutely LOVE my XD 45. It has all of the features of a Glock, with the added bonus of tactile loaded chamber and cocked striker indicators, along with a grip safety. Great gun!

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    Warthog. Best home/carry there is.

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    I personally dont see the glock attraction.

    For me the sig feels great,

    I also like the CZ 75 P.

    Just my opinion.

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