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Carry gun evolutions?

This is a discussion on Carry gun evolutions? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Started with a Kimber UCDP in .40 S&W and still my current carry piece, but over time have customized/changed it to my liking and with ...

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Thread: Carry gun evolutions?

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    Started with a Kimber UCDP in .40 S&W and still my current carry piece, but over time have customized/changed it to my liking and with with a crisp 3 1/4 # trigger pull it is a great little gun. I like the gun but want to move up to a commander size .45 and so I have on order a Yost/Bonitz Ti Carry that will be here in (estimated) Sept, Oct of 2006, so I am patienitly waiting until it get's here. I also have many other's that I would like and will eventually get. I haven't found a BUG I like yet, but will probably end up with a small J frame wheel gun I'm sure.


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    carry evolution (well...)

    I starting carrying a SW chief's special, then moved up to a SW chief's special, and on occasion I carry a SW chief's special.
    I suppose one could say that, lacking any competition from predators, my evolutionary journey has stalled out. i hope it so remains.
    Six for sure...Uh, I mean Five. Five for sure..

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    i started out with a S&W mod 19 stoked up with super vel's ( dept mandate ) some 25+ yrs ago and have been all over the board since then my evolution has run down to 9x19 subcompact ( when i dont feel like i need to be armed ) to that as a bug and a sig 220 .45 as primairy when i go to town , i may have de evolved , but it suits my lifestyle and i am armed lol

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    Been pretty consistent. I keep coming back to the XD40. Tried some other guns, but it's the XD40 and 642 for me.

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    Been pretty consistent. I keep coming back to the XD40. Tried some other guns, but it's the XD40 and 642 for me.

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    Back in the day, when it was all I could find under the table, a S&W Highway Patrolman in dismal shape. Then a succession of 1911s. Then I found a Sig 226 and fell in love.

    When you're living somewhere you aren't supposed to have them, guns don't necessarily stay around long.

    When I moved to Idaho, I was dirt poor the first couple years. One of the little Chicom Tokarevs in 9mm with some tweaks worked fine - small, thin, accurate, and most of all cheap.

    I figured I'd go back and see if I was still a 1911 dude. I wasn't. I carried it again for a few months, then migrated back to a Sig 226 the minute I touched one again for more than 30 seconds.

    My BUG evolves and changes more than anything else - it can be anything from a second 226 to a S&W 296 (my favorite midsize if wardrobe is permitting) to god knows what out of the gun cabinet.

    The only thing that's changed for me in real terms in a while is when I upgraded to .357 Sig from 9mm. I don't feel undergunned with 9mm, but a few factors led me to choose something that would be more effective against dogs as well as people and in the special conditions I find myself on a daily basis.
    Driver carries less than $45 worth of remorse.

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    When I first started carrying back in 1977
    RG .22 snub nose.
    Since then, Man there has been a host of handguns
    Bull Dog .44
    Colt Agent .38
    Colt Diamondback .38
    Colt Mustang. 380
    S&W 581 357 mag
    Sig P230 .380
    Sig P239 .40, 357sig
    Sig P226 9mm
    S&W Mod. 12 .38
    And last but not least Glock 27
    forgot I had a Ruger p85 first 9mm
    I'm missing some here and there but that’s about it.
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    Wow. Back when the earth was cooling...

    Started out back in the mid-1970s with a S&W M36 snub. Then moved up to a 3" M36. After nearly having to use that one night in a dark warehouse while riding reserve with the local PD, I bought a satin nickle Colt Commander in .45ACP. I'm convinced that big muzzle kept me from having to use the Colt, again one night while riding reserve, guy looked at it and backed down. And another night in a dark parking lot, a would-be mugger with a knife was a couple of steps slow getting started, and quickly decided 1) it was real and 2) I would indeed shoot him with it, and he didn't come any closer.

    In the early 1980s a retiring detective sold me his Lightweight Commander, also in .45ACP, and I carried that for the rest of the decade. Most of the time I was wearing jeans with no holster, just nestled the Colt under my belt and put the muzzle in my watch pocket, no problem.

    Then I moved from Alabama (which issued permits to carry) to North Carolina (which didn't). So "car carry" was the only option for a long time, to stay legal. Really hated leaving the LW Commander in the car whenever I parked it too.

    Then in 1990 I had to go on a trip to a "denied area" where I really felt the need for a gun, as I was responsible for several women and children and there was unlikely to be any official help available in less than an hour or so. And there was salt water involved, so I didn't want to hide the blued LW Commander in my stuff and not be able to pull maintenance on it for days in the salt air. So I bought a Glock 19 to see if that Tennifer finish was as tough as it was advertised to be.

    It was. So is the gun, I still shoot it sometimes. But it is in reserve status now, a couple more 19s have joined the stable. Glocks have no real soul, no beauty. But they are so utilitarian it is hard not to use them as the tool they were meant to be. Buy Glock, buy spare magazines, add night sights, shoot, clean etc. That's it. No need to spend more than the price of the gun on a 'smith to make it run right and get it 'just so'. Just replace mainsprings and magazine springs as needed and drive on, no need to worry about it, just buy another one if anything happens to it just as if it were a claw hammer at the hardware store. There are certain advantages to lack of emotional involvement with a daily carry gun.

    After a few years of having carry permits available in NC, enough states finally opened up reciprocity to make it worthwhile to get one, and I did. So now I am playing the leather game, looking for juuust the right IWB holster for the current 19. Almost two decades after I stopped carrying, I am back to it again. And after running through the possibilities, it's still a 19 (and now a P3AT for backup).

    Though if the .45 GAP really catches on, there might be yet another pistol in my future...


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    My first carry permit and my first pistol came as I turned 21 in 1978 at the University of Alabama. I bought a S&W M19 .357 with a four inch barrel. Carried it in either a SafariLand Shoulder holster or a Bianchi strongside pancake. I also bought a Charter Arms snubnose 38 sp. kept that combo until 1981.

    When I reported into my first duty station (Fort Lewis, WA) I picked up a M1911 Remington Rand 45 and a Star PD 45. Now I had four that I carried at various times, but probably my fav at that time was the 1911 with the affectionate name of "Betsy."

    Glock M21 45 (Later traded for the M30)
    Glock M30 45 (Sold to a family member)
    Glock M27 40 (current carry gun as mood strikes or for trips)
    Sig P245 45 (standard carry gun, currently)

    Next week, I pick up my H&K USP 45 (LEM trigger) which will become (if I like it) my new carry gun and trip gun. Yes, I will post pics and a review.

    My "mouse gun" for pocket carry is an NAA mini-revolver 22LR.

    EDIT ON 8-3-06: I have made the USP 45 my dedicated house gun with a gunlight on the rail. Now I'm looking for a Sig P229 SAS as my next full time carry gun.
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    Former Army Infantry Captain; 25 yrs as an NRA Certified Instructor; NRA Endowment Life; Avid practitioner of the martial art: KLIK-PAO.

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    Too many guns and too many years have come and gone to name them. Generally speaking I started with revolvers, went to autos, then to revolvers and autos, and now back to autos exclusively. The ones I currently carry most often are: Glock 36, Kimber Pro Carry, Glock 17, Kel tec P-11, and Kel tec P-3AT. There are others I carry from time to time, "just because"

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    Well, when I first started working as a P.I. in Chicagoland, I started out packing a Ruger Police Service Six in .357 magnum. Later I went to Colt Gov't Model Series 70, and in the Winter, I even carried a Ruger Redhawk with 5.5" barrel (.44 magnum).

    Since I've been in Michigan, I started with my Taurus PT-92. Then for a while I owned a Bulgarian Makarov that I really liked. Later, Firestorm Gov't model (1911). I had a Para-Ord P13.45, which I packed for a time. Of the above, I've sold all but the PT-92.

    However, it has been joined by Taurus PT-911, Firestorm Compact Duo-Tone (Commander clone), Bersa Thunder 380, Taurus Model 617B 7 shot .357 magnum. For a short time I had a Taurus PT-940. That was the only Taurus pistol I didn't like. Too much muzzle flip.

    I also have a CZ-52, but have only carried it once. It's mostly a "gee-whiz" gun. That's cause when I take it to the range and start shooting it, everyone goes "gee-whiz! What is that??"

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    Browning HiPower '68 -- '96 (carry)
    Colt Commander .45acp '80 -- '84 (carry)
    Glock 22 .40 '96 -- '05 (carry)
    Kahr K9 '05 -- present (carry)

    Not a very long list...liked them all, but like the K9 best for carry.
    noli nothis permittere te terere...

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    SP101 in 357 magnum......once in a while I carry my Rossi 357.....but I love the SP.Trying to save up to get a Glock 26.
    For some odd reason,I feel I need more far I have used zero rounds mind you.I figure I shoot Glocks pretty good,they're reliable,low maintanence,and w/ one extra mag I'd have 20 rounds instead of 10.
    But I guess I got pretty lucky w/ the was my first try at CCW(not counting a one day IWB adventure with an airweight,that kept falling down my pant leg)
    "Just because I'm paranoid,doesn't mean they're NOT after me...."

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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry
    Great input, thx guys.

    Zach - wondering - you have progressed up to full size. Similar reasons to my carry choice factors - large and heavier? Just wonder if you find reliability, capacity and stability factors of importance.
    Sorry man, havent been here in a while, just saw your post...

    I think the main reason that I went to a full-size is that my stainless Para rusts easily, and after putting Mepros on my 4" I realized I prefer to just have one night sight up front, which was the setup I had on my Colt 1991.

    My 5" has the plain sights it left the factory with, and I like it better than the night sights on my 4". I keep planning on putting a night site up front on it, however I never remember it when I have money. Being this close to Christmas, I literally have no money...

    As far as relibilty goes, I havent had any problems with my 4" Kimber, and after replacing the extractor on my Para, I havent had any problems out of it either (well, other than the fact it rusts like blued steel). As far as capacity goes, there's no difference. I use 7 round magazines in all of my 1911s.

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    Being this close to Christmas, I literally have no money...
    Sorta common problem that - just paid to have my office building propane tank filled (monthly) - holy crap $150!!!!! Seems like keeping warm and keeping cool - all cost! Next thing is top up oil for house - heck that'll be over four figures this year. All that gun stuff it could have bought - sheesh!

    Your 7 round 1911 mag compatability deal is a good one - I now have same with 226 and 228 SIG's . Well in one direction anyways.
    not counting a one day IWB adventure with an airweight,that kept falling down my pant leg
    Haha - hope no embarassing moments Tony!
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

    "To own a gun and assume that you are armed
    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!." - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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