Should I buy an XD Sub-Compact

This is a discussion on Should I buy an XD Sub-Compact within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello all. I am a long time shooter and new to concealed carry. Like many here I need help making an educated purchase. I have ...

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Thread: Should I buy an XD Sub-Compact

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    Should I buy an XD Sub-Compact

    Hello all. I am a long time shooter and new to concealed carry. Like many here I need help making an educated purchase.

    I have sent many rounds through my brother's XD 40, some through Dad's 9mm tactical and love them. I am concidering a 9mm sub-compact but have heard some reports of them not holding up to heavy use. If I am gonna carry it I am gonna practice with it, alot. I shoot at least once a week and will put a minimum of 100 rounds a week through it. Thus I need to be sure it will hold up before I spend my hard earned dollars. Is this the right gun for me?

    I am also lookin at a Kahr CW9.

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    Glocks are more reliable...since you're talking about sub-compacts, I'd go with the 26.
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    XD-SC is a great reliable gun.It is a bit thick.Use good ammo,no cheap junk.Use factory clips-no aftermarket garbage.Very simple to clean also.

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    I prefer Glocks. Suggest you rent.

    However, if you like your brothers XD, and you are limited on funds, get what you know IMHO.

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    yes, buy two.

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    Im not a kool aid drinker and have all brands but I love my XD 45 compact and the 9mm subcompact I got to go with it..
    Im on and Ive never heard of a SC not holding up. My 2 XDs have been the most trouble free autos Ive had.
    Post it over on XDtalk and see what responses you get from them.
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    I like mine. This is my .40

    But I like my other slim sub-compact even better. Half as thick and twice as concealable. This is my 9MM but it is available in .40

    After a full day of carry I am itching to relieve myself of the XD. Same cannot be said of the PPS. After a long day you almost forget you are wearing the PPS.

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    personally i say get a glock 26 or 27 depending on the caliber you want. but an xd isnt a BAD gun, just not as good as a glock IMHO

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    I have a XD9SC and lost count how many rounds I've put thru it. It has never given me any problems and still looks and shoots as good as the day I adopted it. Can't go wrong a XD.
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    I've had both a Glock and an XD in 9mm. Still have the XD. For me, it's a much better gun..... YMMV
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    Get the XD I have put close to 600 or more rounds thru my service and it still comes back for more.
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    The XD is a great gun, and I believe that it will last as long as any other gun on the market. Glocks are great guns ( I have 3, including a G39 that I just bought because they didn't have the XD compact available), but I absolutely LOVE my XD 45. So if you like the XD, and it feels good to you, don't let anyone talk you out of it.
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    Never heard of a problem, except that early models were susceptible to guide rod breakage around 10,000 rounds.
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    The XD is good choice......I'm a proponent of try as many as you can before you commit, but the XD will do you good.

    I say get it!
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