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Newer shooters - safety reminder

This is a discussion on Newer shooters - safety reminder within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Excellent! Before I take newbies to the range, I always explain and have them recite those four rules before even picking up the firearms. Then ...

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    Excellent! Before I take newbies to the range, I always explain and have them recite those four rules before even picking up the firearms. Then i'll go into handling and marksmanship. i find from there comments afterwards they always appreciate it and that it instills a good feeling of respect for firearms.

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    Its always a good thing to bring up.

    We really hammer on this in the CCW classes we teach. We specifically talk about it no less than 4 times thoughout the class and even include it in the test.
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    Thanx Chris,

    #1 & 2 are still with me even though I last fired a round 15 yrs ago. BUT # 3 & 4 aren't even a blurred memory.

    Thanks again!

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    Life Savers! Don't leave home without em'!

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    Always good to refresh your memory on the rules of safety. It can never hurt (but forgetting one certainly can!).

    An addition to Bruce's comment on handing a gun to someone else. I've always said "never hand someone a loaded gun unless you want to get shot". In my opinion, you should always unload the weapon, open and lock the action, then hand it to them, so you both know the weapon is unloaded.
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    "never hand someone a loaded gun unless you want to get shot"

    +1 on that

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    [QUOTE=P95Carry;63208]True enough Bruce, as really are they all. I still tho stick by that #2 as the ultimate saviour of life and limb as if someone did let #1 slip by them, #2 would at least limit things to red face

    I had a high school teacher who was cleaning a .22 rifle after a day of shooting. He was pointing the muzzle in a "safe" direction but had failed to check the chamber. The gun discharged. The bullet struck a pill bottle on the kitchen counter, ricocheted and struck his wife in the abdomen. She didn't make it. The bottom line is this...

    While you should always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction you should also realize that safe is a relative term.

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    Thanks Chris as I can't see or heard the enought.
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    Thanks Chris. I knew the 4 rules but didn't know about the Col.

    I am glad to have read this thread as my personal rules are now 5 and not 4.....
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    always a great reminder. fortunately it was beat into my head in the military about rule #3. i think it's a fantastic practice to always have your trigger finger straightened past the trigger guard until you intend to pull the trigger itself. highly increases the safety factor when that becomes second nature.

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    My 20 year old son was home for Cmas and saw my pistol under the bed. He also saw a loaded magazine beside it. I used to keep the extra magazine in the bedside table. I do not keep a round in the chamber. He "cleared" the chamber when he picked it up. By habit, as I taught him, he cleared it a second time. This time a round came out. What th'? He cleared a third time and another round came out. Only then did he realize a loaded magazine was in the gun (thinking the magazine beside it made the gun empty). Thank you Jesus for instilling habits of safety in my sons even if the lunk head did not see a full magazine in the grip!

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    I have been a firearms safety instructor for 5 years now, Army and Civilian. It can happen to ANYONE if they let a rule slip. Last weekend, after returning from Nat'l Guard duty I met up with my family in Florida for vacation. It had been a long day of M9 and M-4 range qual, and I had just gotten off a jetliner to meet my family who had driven to florida while I was on duty. My wife had transported my Hi-Power in her luggage, and after having a beer and a glass of wine with my dad, I decided to hit the sack. Rule #1-Alcohol and firearms=stupid mistakes. I Un zipped the Browning from the case, made sure the magazines were fully loaded, did a quick functions check before I put it on the nightstand. Instead of easing the hammer down as usual (even though I was SURE there was not a hot one in the chamber..) I pointed it at the bed and squeezed it off. BOOM!!! My first-ever ND. Right in front of my dad, wife ,son, sister, damn it! I was so humiliated. The 125 grain HP ripped through the mattress, box spring, bounced off the concrete floor and went back up through the box spring before lodging in the mattress. Wow. Lesson learned, it was a stupid mistake, but at least I had the sense to point it at the bed before squeezing it off. It can happen to anybody, especially after a weekend of training when you think you "know it all"..

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    Maybe It's Just Me...

    but for me it's #3...even if you abuse #'s 1, 2, and 4...(and I hope no one does...), nothing can happen if you make #3 a muscle memory!

    All the rules are important...thanks for the reminder, Chris.

    Stay armed...stay safe!

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    Missing a rule:
    Always maintain control of your firearm!
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    The Nerve

    I got into a situation where my life might be in danger because I served a dumb ass who commits mortgage fraud and was getting sued. I had to take a breath and figure out how to engaged my weapon and concealed it. My mind went before safe and I had to slow it down and think SAFETY FIRST!! And how not make the situation any worse. While the dumb ass said, he will be right back!!! I was not going to wait to see what he had in mind.

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