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By most any classification, I am considered a firearms expert. However I am no match to Murphy’s Law. I live alone with my two dogs and I seldom have guests so when someone arrives, it’s a rare treat.

When I return from being out or just maneuvering the home I place my holstered j-frame on a hutch shelf near the main entry door. Unexpected guests arrived and they had children! As we sat in my living room the younger boy was fooling around with everything in sight and I didn't think much of it. Then he saw and reached towards the gun and I freaked out as I immediately stopped him. Yes boys and girls, I completely spaced the element of danger and location of the gun. How is that possible? The answer is an insidious complacency after weeks, months or even years of any given routine. Now you may be thinking this could never happen to you, but it actually can, and at some point it probably will. ~

Yes, I've since taken steps to avoid that scenario and it has compromised the ready access to my gun, but that incident was simply too close for comfort. I now feel (more than ever) that a mishap is more probable than a home intrusion.
I am in much the same situation living by my self and having guns stationed several places around the house. When I have company coming I go through the house and secure all the loose guns leaving the only one out of the safe being the one in my smartcarry. God forbid I ever forget one.